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A zero-stress Christmas: Five tips for a relaxed and fun-filled festive season

Christmas is a time to spend together with your family, enjoying all of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this wonderful winter celebration. But before you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ambience, there are a lot of jobs to do. Intelligent connected technology in the Smart Home can take some of these tasks off your hands to create the perfect setting for the perfect family gathering – so that you can enjoy a zero-stress Christmas.

1. Watch your guests’ eyes light up

Lights are a huge part of your Christmas decorations and are essential to creating the right mood.

Candles and fairy lights are always a great way to make the atmosphere a little more festive on dark winter evenings. But you can also use modern technology to highlight certain areas and create a welcoming, homely environment in any space: Use bright, warm-white light when you’re decorating and cooking, and simply dim the lights around the table when you sit down to eat – all using smart lighting controls.

With wireless smart lighting systems based on the ZigBee® standard, you can switch individual lights or lighting groups such as Philips Hue on and off via a smartphone app or using the ZigBee® Light Link wireless wall transmitter from Gira. This technology allows you to adjust the brightness, light colour

2. Let the bells ring out: The perfect festive soundtrack

Whether you’re baking festive biscuits with the kids, making your own advent calendar or wrapping presents, the right soundtrack goes a long way to making your Christmas preparations even more fun.

With the Gira RDS flush-mounted radio, your music plays from the wall in any room.For outstanding stereo sound, you can expand your compact music system with Gira’s additional speakers and use the Gira docking station to hook up your external music sources and stream your music via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet.

If you’ve got your hands full with Christmas crafting, decorating and baking, you can also control your system with Amazon Alexa Gira X1 server. And if you’d rather listen to your favourite festive songs on your Sonos system, you can control up to eight Sonos speakers via the user-friendly Gira X1 app on your smartphone or via the wall-mounted Gira pushbutton sensor 3. .

A Socket shortage is a common problem in the kitchen. Use the Profile 55 as a smart living product.

3. Keep the family safe

Picture the scene: The candles are flickering and delicious smells are wafting in from the kitchen. The popular pre-Christmas traditions of candles and baking help us all get into the festive spirit – but they also increase the risk of fire. Often, fires over the festive season are caused by unattended candles. If your decorations catch fire, you need to take action fast.

The Gira Basic Q smoke alarm device uses scattered light measurement to detect smoke and inform you of the danger quickly. This gives you valuable seconds to react and prevent the worst from happening. The Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device uses both scattered light measurement and a thermal sensor, which detects unusual rises in temperature to raise the alarm at the first sign of a fire.

4. All the ingredients for the perfect Christmas: Smart appliances help you cook up a storm in the kitchen

The kitchen is a hotspot at Christmas – in more ways than one. While you’re busy baking biscuits, with pans bubbling away on the hob and the turkey roasting in the oven, your Smart Home is working away in the background to keep you safe and help you save time.

Rather than having to keep checking what’s going on in the oven and on the hob, you can sit back and spend some time with your family in the living room while keeping an eye on the oven temperature on your phone – and you’ll receive a push notification when it’s time to serve your culinary creations. Connected kitchen appliances with automatic cooking functions and temperature sensors from Miele@home are guaranteed to hit the spot.

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5. Greet your Christmas guests the smart way: With zero stress

Your tree is up, the gifts are wrapped and the turkey is ready to go in the oven: Now it’s time to put your feet up and enjoy some time with your loved ones. But now there’s someone at the door – could your relatives actually be on time for once?! A glance at the multi-touch display on your Gira G1 home station answers your question: Your aunt and uncle are waiting expectantly on the doorstep. The door station with integrated exterior camera, intercom and illuminated call buttons sends live images to your living room via the modular Gira System 106

But what happens if your family arrive an hour earlier than planned while you’re out at the shops in search of those last few finishing touches that you left off your list?

With the new Gira mobile DCS app, you can see who’s at the door from your smartphone, even when you’re not at home. The mobile DCS app for Android and iOS devices allows you to access your Gira door intercom system remotely so that you can tell your loved ones you’re on your way.

Intelligent connected technology is the key to a relaxed and stress-free festive season. Your Smart Home gives you the gifts of more time, peace and quiet and enhanced safety, so that you can focus on what really matters: enjoying time with your loved ones and looking forward to a zero-stress Christmas.

Home security system: Thanks to Gira mobile DCS you can monitor your home no matter where you are

How do you make your home more cosy and welcoming at Christmas? Share your tips for a happy and peaceful festive season. Merry Christmas!

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