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On the ball: Experiencing the World Cup in a Smart Home

If you're not a fan of public viewings, you can recreate your own World Cup experience within the privacy of your own home. Modern smart home technology can transform your living room into a versatile space, with cooling technology to stop you getting hot under the collar during tense penalty shoot-outs and a fitting soundtrack for a World Cup party – with all the controls you need at your fingertips. In a Smart Home, you can use your smartphone or control panel to control everything from lighting to temperature at the touch of a button.

Top-notch World Cup entertainment

Acoustics are important – and not only during a crucial World Cup match.

The  Revox multiroom system provides perfect, customised sound in every room. With recessed cables, the system is virtually invisible. The Gira control unit for the Revox multiroom system provides you with access to music, radio and other sound services wherever you are in your home. At the touch of a button, you can create a stadium atmosphere within your own four walls, or reserve the ground floor for football while the kids listen to their favourite audio books upstairs.

And if you or your guests run out of battery on your smartphone – because you absolutely had to keep checking the scores – you can top up at the Gira docking station.

World Cup

The World Cup in your Smart Home: Comfortable and safe

With smart Gira door communication technology, you'll always know who's there before you answer. A door intercom with an integrated video system enables fully flexible communication between you and your visitor, no matter where you are. Whether you're barbecuing in the garden or putting the kids to bed upstairs, the Gira TKS app – scheduled for release in the near future – allows you to access your door communication system. The system also comes with full protection against unauthorised access.

In today's Smart Homes, virtually all functions are just as easy and convenient to operate as the Gira communication system. Keep the heat on your country's opponents and out of your living room by controlling the temperature of your home with a single click. The Gira room temperature controller with cooling function can easily be integrated. The Gira Hygrostat maintains optimum levels of humidity and dehumidifies the living space to pre-set levels. The Gira CO2 sensor is ideal to maintain the perfect room climate all year round. If there's not enough oxygen in the air, the integrated LED turns from green to red – giving you time to open a window or switch on the ventilation.

The Gira energy column: A twelfth player for your team

No-one spends an entire World Cup sitting at home on their sofa: The real magic happens in the beer gardens and in your garden at home, when you gather friends and family together for a pre-match barbecue. The Gira energy profile keeps you and your devices at full power outdoors, with three enhanced-protection sockets positioned under the light element. The light ensures that you can enjoy the celebrations well into the evening.

The Gira TX_44 switch range was developed specifically for outdoor use. The highly durable thermoplastic performs even in challenging conditions, making it the perfect choice for outdoor electrical installations.

Whether it's a light switch on the balcony or a mains switch to control power to your garden, the practical TX_44 series is also compatible with the Gira energy column.

Smart Home: Ready for kick-off – even after the World Cup

Smart home technology not only transforms your in-home football viewing experience, but also your day-to-day home life between major sporting events: With the Gira HomeServer app, you'll have a better hold on your smart home than any goalkeeper has on the ball. Smart living creates time and space for you to focus on the more important things in life. After all, when one game ends, it's time for another to begin.

Have a great World Cup – and let us know which team you're supporting!

Building technology Life with Gira Smart Home

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