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Window dressing: Inspiration for any room and any style

There are so many ways to dress and decorate your windows: Curtains, roller blinds and venetian blinds help keep your home private and provide protection against the sun, and they are an important element in your interior design scheme. But which of the options available will work best in your home? Whatever you decide, don’t hone straight in on whatever the latest trend happens to be: Your lifestyle and situation, current decor and the layout of your space are also crucial factors to consider.

Classic window dressing: An abundance of curtain inspiration

If you want to dress your windows with curtains, you’ll find that you can choose from an enormous range of different colours, materials and sizes. Traditional curtains have two components: A semi-transparent, usually light-coloured voile curtain to provide privacy and a decorative curtain that hangs at the sides of the window. When choosing curtains, remember this golden rule: Long curtains will elongate the room and make the space appear taller, while short curtains will accentuate the horizontal plane. On wide glass panels, floor-length sliding curtains allow you to combine multiple panels of fabric to create an attractive layered effect.

window treatment ideas

Window dressing for any lifestyle and taste

Voluminous flowing curtains in shimmering fabrics instantly create a luxury look and feel, but can easily overwhelm smaller spaces. In more compact rooms, opt for curtains in light-coloured fabrics. White curtains are a timeless option that suits virtually any style of decor and living space. As materials that let light through often don’t provide full privacy, it is a good idea to combine this type of curtain with a thicker front curtain. You can opt for a stronger colour here to create contrast. Accessories such as tie-back holders and fabric strips, with or without tassels, are an elegant finishing touch, but are best kept subtle to allow the window itself to take centre-stage – otherwise the effect can be too over- the- top.

Opaque or coated: Curtains with that little something extra

Generally, synthetic materials that let light through – such as polyester – serve a purely decorative purpose. But tightly woven cotton or linen fabrics can be functional too: In period homes, for example, thick curtains can help to insulate the home against the cold. They also soften up the interior decor and act as an additional barrier against noise. Curtains made from thick, cottony textiles hung in the bedroom can help you get a good night’s sleep. When choosing curtains for the bedroom, opt for darker colours or coated fabrics so that you can darken the room during the day if needed. In the bathroom, choose special synthetic fabrics with a water-resistant coating.

Tip: Placing a table lamp between the voile and the window and switching it on when darkness falls will provide additional privacy.

window treatment ideas
window treatment ideas
window treatment ideas

Pleated blinds: The flexible window dressing solution

Pleated blinds are a flexible and easy to adjust option that is increasingly gaining ground on the traditional curtain. The blinds are fitted on a set of rails, allowing you to adjust them from either the top or the bottom to cover the whole window or only a small part of it. The thin material works with virtually any window shape and is usually very simple to install as a retrofit product.

In the living room, conservatory and bathroom, pleated blinds let light through while protecting your privacy; in the bedroom, opt for a coated material to darken the room. In addition to the traditional options of cotton and polyester, you could also choose a more luxurious pleated satin, chintz or jacquard fabric. Honeycomb pleated blinds can even help insulate your home against heat losses, enabling you to save energy during the winter months. The pleats in these high-tech blinds contain pockets of air that keep heat in the room.

Source: Luxaflex Australia / YouTube

American-style shutters: For a holiday vibe

If you want to bring a holiday vibe into your home, American-style shutters are the perfect choice for your windows. The shutters are fitted on the inside of the window and feature adjustable slats for privacy and shade. The final look will depend on the type and colour of wood used. Dark wood works well with an exotic colonial style, while lighter colours combined with warm and earthy tones on the walls are perfect for adding a touch of editerranean flair to your living room. Shutters are a stylish option for windows, glass panels and skylights of any shape or size. Plastic shutters are also available if you want to continue the look in the bathroom.

Venetians and roller blinds: Practical options with added benefits

Venetian blinds have always been a popular choice for privacy and shade in office environments. But with the arrival of modern controls and a whole host of new colours and materials, this style has become popular in homes too. The adjustable slats – made of aluminium, plastic or wood – allow you to individually adjust the light entering the room, as well as providing protection against prying eyes without the need to completely shut out the natural light. As the slats usually let light through even when the blinds are closed, it is a good idea to combine venetians with opaque roller blinds. Folded or gathered roller blinds, which gather into soft folds when they are raised, also work well.

window treatment ideas
window treatment ideas
smart home technology for the shutters at your home.

Smart window dressing for enhanced comfort and convenience

While interior venetian blinds and rollers are generally controlled with manual rods and pull cords, exterior solutions can also be fitted with electronic controls. In Smart Homes, you can adjust your blinds and roller shutters at the touch of a button using intelligent wall switches such as the Gira blind control button.

The Gira System 3000 has five different operating top units for automated, timer-based blind control, so that your privacy can be guaranteed at specific, pre-programmed times of day. If you connect a weather station or light, wind orglass-breakage sensors to the system, the window systems will respond automatically to changes in the environment.

What elements do you focus on when deciding how to dress your windows? Tell us how you style your interior.

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Art Blinds 20.08.2020  |  12:04

We appreciate your efforts in writing such a detailed post on window treatment idea. We totally agree pleated blinds are flexible and easy to adjust option that is increasingly gaining ground on the traditional curtain. The blinds are fitted on a set of rails, allowing you to adjust them from either the top or the bottom to cover the whole window or only a small part of it. You mention all the things which are helpful for every homeowner.

G-Pulse Editorial Team 29.09.2020  |  9:07

thanks four your feedback and thoughts on this topic. Pleated blinds are indeed a very flexible option.
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