Effective privacy and heat protection for roof windows

Loft conversions can add a lot of extra living space to a home – and they are even more attractive when you incorporate large skylights or dormer windows. But if you want to really enjoy your attic space, reliable window heat protection against the summer sun shining in through the glass is essential. Both externally and internally mounted shade systems can provide high-quality protection against sunlight and UV rays. Depending on the materials used, they also help to darken the room and night and serve as attractive accessories during the day. Ideally, you should also fit fully automatic privacy blinds for maximum convenience.

Pleated blinds: Convenient sun and privacy protection

Pleated blinds are fitted internally and are made of folded textile, offering great window heat protection. The blind is fitted inside the window frame on two profiles and tensioned

cords. Available in a wide range of colours and materials, this type of blind creates a welcoming, homely atmosphere and protects you from the sun and prying eyes. You can also order custom shapes and dimensions from companies such as blinds specialist MHZ. The 3D configurator allows you to create a solution tailored precisely to the dimensions of your window.

Honeycomb pleated blinds are another great option: These blinds are made of two layers of fabric to create a honeycomb structure filled with air-protected chambers. These chambers form a thermal barrier to provide effective protection against heat and cold and to darken your room for sleep.

velux living room blinds window heat protection

Roller blinds for window heat protection: Attractive and practical

Roller blinds also provide internal window heat protection and privacy for rectangular windows and roof lights. These blinds, which are mounted on the window frame, are made from a smooth length of fabric, which helps to create a calming and peaceful ambience in your room. Depending on the level of transparency and the colour you choose, you can use these blinds to create fascinating light effects. Black-out rollers help you sleep at night and are also available with coatings to reflect

sunlight and UV rays off the blind surface to keep your room cool. Custom-made roller blinds are widely available.

The roller blind system from Dutch company Kvadrat also provides effective privacy protection for vertical windows. Shade is a modular system that can be custom-made based on your window dimensions. Its woven structure is designed to keep heat out in the summer; according to the manufacturer, 96 percent of the sun’s rays are absorbed by the material. The textile’s coating also provides a cooling effect.

kvadrat blue chairs window heat protection
orange chairs kvadrat

Squid: A self-adhesive innovation

If you’re looking for a simple way to enhance your privacy at home, Belgian company Lampe_textiles may have just the solution you need. Squid is a transparent woven textile that can be cut to size to fit any window and that is designed to gently soften and diffuse the rays of the sun. From inside, you can still see out – but anyone standing outdoors

won’t be able to look in. And what makes Squid really special is how it attaches to your window: The blind is designed to cling to the glass. According to the manufacturer, the functionality of the product is not affected by sunlight or humidity. If you need to darken your room at night, you can combine Squid with a roller blind or shutters, curtains or panel curtains on vertical windows.

squid window protection apartment

Shutters: External privacy protection for roof windows

External shutters with aluminium slats, like the systems manufactured by Roto and Velux, are highly effective at keeping heat in: This solution is said to achieve heat savings of up to 94 percent. The insulating effect is noticeable both at the height of summer and in the sub-zero temperatures of winter, ensuring that your room is maintained at a comfortable temperature all year round. At night, shutters block out all light to keep your room completely dark. They also soften noises such as hailstones or rain, which can disturb your sleep if your bed is in an attic room. When not in use, the shutters are stowed away in an integrated

storage cassette. If you’re on the lookout for a particularly slimline design – perhaps for a period property or listed building – then Roto’s Designo external shutters might be just what you need.

Awnings: Shade that doesn’t obstruct the view

Unlike shutters, external awnings on roof windows are made from a transparent material that still lets light through, providing protection against heat and prying eyes while still allowing sufficient daylight into your space. This solution won’t obstruct your view and provides protection against heat. According to the manufacturer, the heat protection awning from Velux reduces heat penetration by 76 percent.

Bedroom with Velux blinds and lamp.
Bedroom with slanted wall blind and lamp.

Intelligent privacy control

Automatic control systems for blinds and sun protection solutions are particularly useful for windows right at the top of your house. More often than not, roof windows, skylights and dormers are hard to access. With the help of sensors, the latest systems can automatically respond to changes in the weather and adjust to the wind, the room temperature or the amount of sunlight. One such system is the smart Gira 3000 blind controller. This intelligent retrofit solution allows you to control individual window modules using a switch or an app. The memory operating top unit also allows you to program specific times to automatically

raise and lower your blinds for privacy or heat protection. Or you can opt to use the integrated astro function, which enables your blinds to respond automatically as the sun rises and sets.

These days, privacy protection for windows and roof windows is part of the standard offering from many manufacturers. And there are practical new solutions to enhance your privacy – even if you’ve got windows that are difficult to access or an unusual design – coming to market all the time. With the vast range of solutions on offer, you can enjoy complete freedom to create your own unique design concept – and make your life easier in the process.

Gira Blind Controller

What kind of privacy solutions do you use on the roof windows in your home? Share your experiences in the comments!

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