Embed the G-Pulse Widget on Your Website

Make G-Pulse articles available to your website’s visitors

This is how you can embed the widget on your website. Just copy the following code and paste it on your site. Your visitors can then automatically access the latest articles on Smart Living and Design Trends on your website:

<!-- code start -->
<script src="https://g-pulse.com/assets/js/newswidget-v2-loader.js"></script>
<iframe src="https://g-pulse.com/news-widget-v2" height=540 width=340></iframe>
<!-- code end -->

Adjust the height and width to your preferences. In this way, the widget will always have the perfect size for your website. See some previews of the widget with different widths here:

Width: 200px

Width: 340px

Width: 500px

In case of questions on how to embed the widget or adjust the layout, we are happy to help you. Just send us an email: redaktion@g-pulse.de

Notice: Gira has the right to collect various website data for statistical purposes. Amongst these are: the URL where the widget is embedded, the date when the widget was added, the number of requests, and the time of the most recent request.

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