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Wild exotics & defined patterns: Five wallpaper trends for 2019

We should all feel most at home and comfortable inside our own four walls.

So it’s all the more surprising that walls are an often neglected and under-appreciated element of interior design. These five new wallpaper trends for 2019 are sure to inspire a change of scenery.

If we’re being completely honest, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a dull, rainy day or the warmest and sunniest weather of the year: We’re usually so familiar with our immediate surroundings that we can’t draw any inspiration from them, whatever the weather.

It’s normal to experience a longing to escape to a far-flung place from time to time: Close your eyes and picture yourself trekking through the wild jungles of South-East Asia or relaxing on a lonely island in the Pacific.

And now imagine that you open your eyes and see exactly that scene in front of you: Palm trees, twisted vines and vibrant parrots - all in your living room. Wallpaper inspired by exotic nature is right on trend for 2019. You can opt for a realistic jungle wallpaper or a stylised pattern based on tropical plant life: The choice is yours.

Tip: Exotic patterns work well in conjunction with natural materials: Rattan or bamboo furniture and plants in baskets are the perfect finishing touch to your restful new living room.

Tropical Feeling: That´s one of the wallpaper trends of 2019.

Wood or stone – the natural look is in

Speaking of natural materials, that leads us nicely onto the next trend in our list: Nature-inspired patterns and textures. With the right wallpaper, your brick and plaster walls can become anything you want them to be: From marble or stone-look papers to authentic wood-effect options, it’s fascinating to discover just how realistic and detailed the patterns appear on the wall.

Concrete-effect wallpapers are also great for making a statement, and work well with the ever-popular industrial-style interior. Rough and ready yet welcoming and homely: This is a design concept that is sure to get people talking.

Flowers and natural style in the livingroom, thats a wallpaper trend.

Wallpaper with a conscience: Sustainable options

These days, environmental impact is an important consideration in everything we do, including interior design – so it makes sense that sustainability is another of the top wallpaper trends for 2019.

Many manufacturers now only use water-based inks in the production of their wallpapers; these inks are free of solvents and other substances that harm the environment. You should also look out for the FSC® label: All wallpapers certified with this marking are made exclusively from paper sourced from responsibly managed, sustainable forests.

Sustainibility is important at wallpaper trends 2019.

Defined patterns: Geometric designs

Futuristic, elegant or even a little eccentric: Depending on the pattern you choose, this trend is a great way for lovers of minimalist design to create some impact without adding too much to their pared-back aesthetic.

Symmetrical shapes and defined lines on the wall create a modern look. If your interior is more on the minimalist side, a geometric-patterned wallpaper will add variety and interest to the space without ruining the overall minimalist look.

Geometric designs on the wall behind a wooden chair.

Wallpaper trends for 2019: Be courageous with colour

Strong colours on the walls can be used to make a real statement, and are very much on trend for 2019. Purple, moss green and terracotta have been particularly popular with designers this year. Gold tones, such as Dulux colour of the year Spiced Honey, are also in demand, adding glamour and sophistication to the room.

These trends are proof of the fact that interior design is about much more than just furniture. If you want to add interest to your home, the walls are a great place to start.

For more inspiration, check out this video: DESIGNBOOK 2019 – Wallpaper trends.

Spiced honey on the wall behind chairs and tables.

Have you made your decision? We’d love to hear how you’re planning to revamp your walls in 2019. Share your ideas in the comments!

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