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Vintage kitchen ideas: Cook up a storm with retro décor and accessories 

A trend that started in the living area and bedroom has – perhaps inevitably – now made its way into the kitchen. At interior design shows such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan, retro kitchen styling took centre-stage: Without a doubt, vintage is this year’s hottest interior look. Vintage kitchen styling from the fifties, sixties and seventies is particularly popular among interior designers seeing to put their own stamp on retro chic – and these decades are now making a serious comeback in the kitchen.

1950s vintage kitchen

Ask anyone what they associate with the 1950s and Elvis Presley, petticoats and candy colours are sure to be among the top answers.

Kitchens with a fifties aesthetic are playful and homely spaces, with pastel-coloured ice blue, pink or mint green walls creating a friendly and welcoming ambience. The room is brightened with white detailing and highlights. If you want to go all out, black and white chessboard-style flooring is the perfect way to create a vintage American diner look. Furniture and units should ideally be made of light wood with a country kitchen design. Accessories like retro clocks, blenders and toasters in pastel colours or chrome are the ideal finishing touch.

Vintage Kitchen

The swinging sixties kitchen

Bold graphic prints are the hallmark of 1960s interior design. A hint of shabby chic helps create a more authentic look. Add thick curtains and corduroy cushions to take you back in time to early 1960s Paris; combine with an ever-trendy asymmetrical three-legged coffee table to make the ultimate vintage statement. Large dining tables with a plastic top and rounded corners are also typical of the 1960s, especially when complemented by high-gloss cup chairs. Mirrored tiles with intricate graphic patterns are another great vintage kitchen idea. If you don’t want to replace your current tiles, stickers are a quick and easy way to add an authentic retro touch. Finish the look with an oversized vintage-style fridge with a large handle. Remember that the smallest details can have the greatest impact.

Bright and eye-catching: The 1970s

Brights exploded onto the scene in a big way in the seventies, with apple green, orange and mustard yellow becoming the colours of choice for kitchens across the land.

Pendant lights or large, shiny ball-shaped lamps complete the retro look. Crockery can be bright too: Polka dots, cute designs and floral patterns all work well in a seventies-style kitchen. Metal signs and retro bread bins, toasters and clocks create a nostalgic look.

The Gira switch range: Pure retro style

No matter which decade best reflects your personal style, the Gira design lines are guaranteed to include something to complement your vintage-style floral carpets and thick curtains. The Gira E3 switch range features a muted colour palette to complement sixties and seventies kitchens, while the round design of the Gira S Color system is reminiscent of the polka dots that were the height of fashion back in the fifties. Use the online Gira Design Configurator to see how products from our comprehensive range will look on your wall.

Pastels, patterns or powerful colour statements? Which decade’s styling is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!
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