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Living among plants and tropical wallpaper

Plants are taking over living rooms, peach saplings are sprouting on terraces, and tropical leaves are adorning walls. This green interior design trend is known as the “urban jungle” – and it’s flourishing. And it’s not just house plants that are making a comeback; fruit bushes, vegetable patches, and herb gardens have found their way to our living space too.

The urban jungle blooming in 2017

Gone are the glitter and the glamour. This year is all about decorating our homes in various shades of green. And not just as a trendy colour for furniture and fabrics, but primarily in the form of house plants. Easy-care plants such as the schefflera, ficus and dracaena are sprouting next to new varieties such as the Mentha requienii Match & Moss Menthol, an evergreen ground-covering plant. With its unmistakable menthol scent, this variety stole the show at the International Plant Fair (IPM) in Essen late January. Between the lush green shades of the leaves, the pink-purple and pale blue flowers add a refreshing dash of colour to flowerbeds, balconies, and window boxes.

The new Ocean Primrose “Nautilus Blue Vein” in particular, turned heads with its maritime palette of blue and white stripes. Plants with robust and unusual leaf structures are largely dominating the urban jungle scene this season.

More room for nature

Gardeners aren’t the only ones breathing fresh air into their homes with their new creations. Interior designers have been equally exploring ways to make some well-deserved indoor space for nature. It’s been a while since plants have been confined to terracotta pots on the ground, to balcony boxes, or to fancy wooden containers. As part of decorative and space-saving designs, split level gardens are growing significantly, lush greenery is adorning the walls, and even lamps are being taken over by nature.

Plants are taking over interior design. IKEA shows how it’s done. Source: Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2016

Enjoy lush plant life – Even if you don’t have green fingers

A natural paradise within your own four walls is primarily an oasis of serenity and relaxation – where you shouldn’t have to take care of your green decorative elements. If you can’t actually plant anything in your home, stabilised cut flowers - preserved using a special process - are a helpful alternative. Other manufacturers are no longer just focusing on making plant pots with appealing designs; they are now incorporating smart features such as water storage facilities or sophisticated supply systems. Plants potted in the Pikaplant, for example, are hermetically sealed in a damp biotope, where an automatic watering system imitates the natural water cycle. The innovative plant system not only replaces green fingers, but also contributes to a healthy living environment by filtering toxins out of the ambient air and regulating humidity.

A tasteful interior design trend: Urban gardening and indulgent floral worlds

Even people who don’t have a garden or much room on their balcony can now grow fruits and vegetables in the urban jungle. More and more companies are selling special varieties of plants for domestic use which only grow to a certain size. As for the likes of juicy vineyard peaches, mini aubergines, or succulent cherry tomatoes, they can now thrive in sunny spots on even the smallest of balconies. Spargeligx, allows particularly ambitious gardening enthusiasts to give growing asparagus a go. The IPM gave visitors the chance to discover brand-new “indulgent floral worlds”. From vanilla basil, goji berries and tasty gyros herb, to edible geraniums or chrysanthemum beer, nature is increasingly being used to create culinary delights in the kitchen.


Pure nature – From the wall to the interior design

DBut the interior design trends in the urban jungle go far beyond owning house plants, mini gardens, and blooming home accessories. Natural wooden furniture with floral ornamental details, botanical wallpaper, and carpets in natural colours are bringing the outdoor feeling into our homes as a complete work of art. At this year’s imm cologne exhibition, the German Wallpaper Institute (DTI) showed how to transform your plants-free home into a green paradise with just a wallpaper installation.  

Featuring huge flowers, lush succulents, replanted green beanstalks as well as leaves trailing from the ceiling, the wallpaper jungle truly celebrates the beauty of nature. Beyond house plants, you can now use wallpaper this season as part of your green revival. From flower power on the walls to natural décor, all sorts of ideas for green interior design have been sprouting in the urban jungle. And thanks to innovative design and plant creations, dreams of incorporating nature into even the smallest of urban living spaces can now come true.

How did you bring nature into your home? Has the urban jungle already taken over your living room? We look forward to your ideas and comments.

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