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Top gadgets 2020 to make your life easier and smarter

Smart gadgets already make our lives easier in many areas. Smart mirrors await us in the bathroom, modern surveillance systems take care of our home even when we are away and digital refrigerators help us shop from a distance. Because the world of technology never stands still and new innovations are constantly coming onto the market, we present a selection of top gadgets 2020 in this article. And who knows, maybe you will find the next gift idea among our tips?

Smart Gadgets 2020: The Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch – a real all-rounder

Many of us are spending significantly more time at home this year.

The Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch helps us to stay healthy and fit. In addition to sleep tracking and heart rate measurement, there are over 15 goal-based training modes. With the Fitbit Coach, you even get personalised training programmes.

Thanks to the language assistant, you can easily call up news and weather on your Smartwatch and also control smart devices such as your coffee machine or TV. With the Fitbit Versa 2, you will never miss an appointment again and you can even make contactless payments. The Fitbit Versa 2 is available for around £170.

Your handy fitness trainer. Source: Fitbit/YouTube

The power lies in tranquillity: clear your head, thanks to the smart meditation app

In indefinite times such as these, it is important to keep a clear head. There are great meditation apps for the smartphone to find inner peace. Probably the best known of them is Headspace – even Hollywood greats, like Emma Watson, are said to use the app regularly, which is why it has made to our list of top gadgets 2020.

According to its developers, hundreds of sessions on topics such as stress, sleep disorders and overcoming fear promise a "less stressed, more resilient and happier" life. There are also SOS exercises and short meditation sessions for crisis. The download and the introduction to meditation are still free of charge. Anyone who wants to stay tuned in after that must take out a subscription at £9.99/month and those who commit to the app for a longer period pay considerably less.

Especially in today's world, it is important to keep a clear head. Source: Headspace/YouTube

The best gadgets for music enthusiasts

The top gadgets 2020 list would be incomplete without a tech novelty for people who want to enjoy music on the go. We know that earbuds offer a high degree of freedom with maximum sound quality. Unfortunately, what often remains are disturbing ambient noises – whether on the train or in the home office with noisy neighbours.

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds promise to remedy this and reduce the noise of the surroundings. Unwanted noises are made unnoticeable by appropriate compensation signals to make the world around you is silenced. However, sometimes it is important to hear your surroundings. In such moments, you can minimise the noise reduction and hear everything that is happening around you – smart, isn't it? The Earbuds are available for around £250.

man listening to music with earbuds

Wireless all-rounder: Smart switches for outdoor use

Fans of the smart Friends of Hue switches have been looking forward to it for long: switches for outdoor use. With protection class IP44, the outdoor models offer sufficient protection against water and dust. The special feature of the Friends of Hue switches is that they are self-powered and therefore independent of the mains supply or batteries. Thanks to a special technology, enough energy is generated for a radio signal every time a button is pressed.

In addition to switching on and off, the switch also allows you to dim the lighting and call up complex lighting scenarios with just one click. For example, in the evening, immerse your living room in relaxing and soothing sepia tones.

The Friends of Hue switches can be used with all Philips Hue-compatible products. The outdoor switch from Senic and Gira is available for around £70.

outdoor brunch with friends outdoor switch

Smart gadgets for children: The reading friend

Do you sometimes lack the time to read to the children every evening? In future, you will receive competent support from the smart owl, Luka. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the cute little animal recognises which book it has in front of it and starts reading aloud on the open page. The little ones can then immediately practice reading along.

Around 500 children's books have already been recorded by professional speakers. They can be purchased and downloaded via the app for just a few pounds. If your child's favourite book is not included, that's no problem: Alternatively, you can have your own voice recorded and played back. Luka is available for about £130. By the way: If you wish, the little owl can even play a few children's songs – fun in the kids' room is guaranteed.

The smart reading owl for your children. Source: LingTech Inc./YouTube

Hövding - an airbag for cyclists

Cycling is booming this year. Cycling is environmentally friendly, healthy – and far away from the crowds in buses and trains. Thus, in our top gadgets 2020 list, we bring to you reliable protection in the event of a bike accident. The Hövding airbag is the smart alternative that all helmet enthusiasts have been waiting for. According to a study, it offers up to eight times better protection than conventional bicycle helmets.

The Hövding is worn discreetly around the neck like a collar. In the event of a fall, it inflates in a fraction of a second to form an airbag which lies protectively around the head and neck. Selected contacts are also notified via a Bluetooth connection. The smart lifesaver is available for just under £270.

girl on a cycle with a protective headgear

Chic and functional: Carl, the smart side table

Finally, we would like to introduce Carl, a smart side-table. Its modern look brings a touch of Scandi chic to any room. But Carl is more than an interior highlight. Its tabletop has an integrated charging pad with which you can recharge your smartphone wirelessly. Alternatively, there are two USB ports, which are discreetly embedded in the frame.

Built-in Bluetooth speakers provide musical entertainment. And of course, there's plenty of storage space on Carl. Priced at £225, you can't expect more from a small table, can you?

Smart and stylish: the side table in Skandi chic. Source: Cuckooland/YouTube

Smart gadgets make our everyday life more comfortable, safer – and a whole lot more pleasant.

By the way: Our top gadgets 2020 are also ideal as gifts for all occasions.

We have updated this article for you on 12.11.2020.

Which of these top gadgets 2020 will you not want to do without in the future? We are looking forward to your comment.

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