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Tiny houses: Living comfort in the smallest spaces

What are tiny houses?

Tiny houses – this trend is all about creating a small-scale living space for people who want to live independently and flexibly, but enjoy the comfort of home. Tiny houses can be easily transported from one place to the next on a trailer.

In this way, they are an ideal option for modern “digital nomads” who travel the country for work. Environmental friendliness is another positive aspect. The houses’ low energy use, ecological building materials, and small surface area should contribute to a lower carbon footprint.

Living comfort with panoramic views

The new “Palatial Dutch” tiny house from the Dutch company Woonpioniers has implemented this concept perfectly. Not only were ecological factors considered when choosing materials for the tiny house; the wellbeing of its occupants was also one of the top priorities for the project developers. The light wood creates a pleasant indoor atmosphere, and the huge panoramic glass doors enhance this effect. Because of this, the interior appears to be much bigger than it actually is. Slightly angled flooring makes the glass doors look even more impressive. The living space lost as a result of this is a price worth paying – especially considering that the interior design optimizes the use of the available space.

A house that you can take anywhere

Small-scale spaciousness

This tiny house accommodates practically everything you need in your everyday life. There’s a small kitchen, a bathroom behind a sliding door, and the extra sleeping area is right beneath the fully recyclable roof, accessible by wooden stairs. Even the space between the stairs is used intelligently for storage.
In addition to the panoramic doors, the mobile house has other smaller windows. The simple ventilation facilities ensure a pleasant indoor climate. There are plans to incorporate a storage battery and solar panels as additional features in the future – this would make independent living a real possibility.

Independent living: does the idea excite you too?

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