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The house on the lake: An idyllic living space with outstanding views and cutting-edge technology 

Standing in front of this lake-side home, it's almost impossible to imagine that an old, dark and unloved building previously stood in this exact spot. Following a conversion, renovation and extension project carried out by architect Werner Lang, this idyllic site now houses a welcoming, open-plan home powered by smart technology.

Conversion creates more space and light During the conversion work, a large conservatory was added to the western side of the building that faces the lake, almost doubling the living space. Above the conservatory is an equally generous patio, accessed via a bedroom on the first floor.

The bedroom itself – fitted with huge floor-to-ceiling windows – is another breathtaking feature of the house. Wooden blinds mounted in a steel frame provide protection against the sun. The house is flooded with light through the stairwell, which was fitted with a glass front. The atmosphere throughout the building is light, airy and inviting, a sensation which continues as you are drawn into the open-plan living space and kitchen. Walking through the house, you almost feel as though you're outside, with the glass walls creating a seamless transition between indoors and out and offering exceptional views of the natural beauty beyond.

House on the Lake

The house on the lake: Fully renovated and energy-efficient To heat the new home sustainably and efficiently, the building underwent a full programme of energy renovation work. The builder and planners focused primarily on improving the thermal performance of the building shell. In addition to fitting brand-new windows, the renovation team also integrated a new exterior insulation finishing system, which uses the available thermal mass to regulate the temperature inside the house. In summer, the walls are heated first before the heat is dissipated to the interior. In winter, the walls store solar energy. The heating system was also modernised with the addition of a low-temperature heating system to provide underfloor heating via radiators.

Future-proof intelligent building technology The installation of a modern, future-proof electrical system was a top priority for the building owners. The result of this modernisation project is a Smart Home that the resident family can easily adapt to suit their needs.

At the heart of the building technology system is the Gira HomeServer, which connects and controls all of the building's electronic components. Gira touch sensors are used to activate pre-programmed lighting scenarios at the touch of a button. The residents can also use functions such as the "central off" feature or the "panic button", which immediately switches all the lights in the house on.

The hall lights switch on as soon as someone enters, which saves energy and eliminates the need to install a light switch at the entrance to every room. The KNX System is used to open and close the roof windows and to monitor the wood pellet heating system. The smoke alarms and door intercoms are also integrated into the system. All of the smart home functions can be viewed and controlled from a fixed touch screen in the living area or from a PC, enabling the family to boost security at the touch of a button for ultimate convenience.

What would you focus on if you were installing modern technology in an old building as part of a renovation project? 

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