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The Gira X1 is the foundation of the Smart Home

Comfort in the Smart Home

A Smart Home allows for the integration of all building technology components into one holistic system. The central operating system allows for the automation of various functions: The blinds open at dawn, the heating constantly maintains the perfect feel-good temperature in every room, and at the touch of a button the lights can be dimmed for a cosy TV night.

In a Smart Home, all the connected technical components, also known as a network, communicate with each other over a so-called Bus system, which is usually the KNX Bus. Displaying and automating the network requires a central device. With the X1, Gira offers a device that enables Smart Home visualization and logistics. The devices corresponding app provides a graphical operating interface between the system and the user, for both iOS or Android mobile devices.

The X1 for more comfort

Gira X1 – Quickly installed and easy to use

The Gira X1 is the foundation for a cost-efficient KNX-installation. It’s compact and can be easily fitted – in this way, installation of the server can be quick. Also, an extension with additional features is simple with the easy-to-use interface. Control your lights, heating and blinds, and implement various settings and timers … with the X1 app you can visualize and control the KNX installation of your family home.

The user can switch between various views which can also be individualized. With help of the app, building technology can be managed when at home or on the road – this flexibility is just another advantage. With the X1 app, any function in the entire house can not only be used when sitting on the couch but also controlled remotely. Forgot to turn off the lights? Want to turn on the heating before returning from your holidays and see who is in the garden when you’re out? The X1 makes it all possible.

What do you think of controlling your Smart Home with an app? What would you like to control in your home using a mobile device?

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