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The Gira System 106 door station

When someone visits a building, the door station is their first point of contact and interaction with the building and those inside. First impressions count, so it’s important that visitors are made to feel welcome. The Gira System 106 combines the latest technology with sophisticated and elegant design.

Gira System 106: Flexible and sustainable

The technology behind the Gira System 106 is comprised of multiple modules that can be individually combined to create a custom solution –

for maximum flexibility and minimum hassle during installation. Only the system housing needs to be fitted at the construction stage; system modules can be added and replaced later as required.

The Gira System 106 was also developed with sustainability in mind – it uses environmentally friendly materials that can easily be separated for disposal at the end of the system’s life. The coated zinc die-cast housing and design facias are also recyclable, and all plastic components can be separated from the PCB for disposal, recycling and reuse.

The Gira System 106 combines contemporary design with smart technology

Smart home technology inside a doorcoummication.

An elegant design for any building

The system’s metal facia plates are available brushed stainless steel, anodised aluminium or with a white surface finish, providing a range of design options to suit any building. The premium materials and high-quality finish create a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. The modules are back-lit for easy legibility in the dark, making it easy for your guests to spot the system and let you know of their arrival.

A modular, customised door communication system

The simplest version of the door communication system incorporates a compact speakerphone unit with a call button.

For multiple-occupancy buildings, the speakerphone module and call button can be combined with the required number of buttons, which can be labelled individually to suit the style of the building. If you want to keep an eye on what’s going on at your door, you can opt to add a camera module to your door communication system.

The modular design of the system enables you to create a custom combination to suit your needs – and you can expand and modify your solution at any time. The blank module serves as a temporary placeholder, while the info module can be used to elegantly display your house number, company logo or other information. Last but not least, the display module tells your visitors when to speak or when the door has been opened. Whichever modules you choose, the Gira System 106 is guaranteed to provide a premium door communication experience.

How do you feel about the Gira System 106? Are you impressed by its design and functionality? Let us know in the comments!

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