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The Gira Showroom: Interview with Guido Schmitz, Export Manager at Gira

Majorca is about more than sun and sand. The island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca, is now host to the Gira Showroom. Here, you can check out the latest innovations in smart home technology or just get some advice and inspiration for your home. We wanted to find out more, so we spoke to Guido Schmitz, Export Manager at Gira. He let us in on what makes the Mallorcan Gira branch so special.

G-Pulse Editor: Mr. Schmitz, what distinguishes the new Gira showroom and what will be shown?

Guido Schmitz: Our showroom is very central, located in the island capital Palma de Mallorca. It gets quite a lot of foot traffic. I think we’ve succeeded in retaining the special charm of Majorcan architecture with the use of Marès stone, which is very typical here on the island.

Within this 70 square metre space, we display a range of applications that let visitors experience the wonder of great building services. More specifically, the combination of technology with design, interior decoration and room planning.

That's why we put a big emphasis on showroom design, ensuring that our guests experience it as an oasis of well-being. Visitors immediately feel at home in each environment and living setup: whether the living room, kitchen, home cinema or bathroom. The result is something to be proud of. Personally, I find this showroom simply breath-taking.

Discover new comforts thanks to smart technology

Guido Schmitz, Export Manager at Gira in an interview about the new Gira showroom in Palma.
Experience smart technology in the Gira showroom.
A kitchen fully equipped with smart Gira technology.
Experience smart technology in the Gira showroom
Gira switches and socket outlets in the bathroom of the spanish showroom.
Gira radio with dockingstation in the bathroom
Gira pushbutton sensor in the bathroom are creating the right atmosphere

G-Pulse editorial team: Who is the showroom aimed at and who greets visitors on site?

Guido Schmitz: The first few months have shown that the visitors are very mixed. We’re aiming to address both professional customers such as architects, interior designers, system integrators and master electricians as well as investors, project developers and end customers.

Our showroom serves as a platform for inspiration, communication and contacts for all these different groups.

Gira Ibérica is currently represented on site by Pedro López, the area manager responsible for the Balearic Islands, and his assistant Cristina Rodriguez.

Exchange & consultation on site

Discover the new Gira Showroom Source: Gira Iberica

G-Pulse editorial office: What other Gira showrooms are there in Spain?

Guido Schmitz: We started in 2012 with a showroom in Barcelona. In 2018, we completely redesigned it. We then opened a second one in Madrid and the third one is now in Palma.

Our intention is to open a few more stores. We’re still unsure, however, about where the next Gira showroom will open. It could be in Malaga or Valencia. Let's wait and see.

A source of inspiration & a place to try things out

The Gira showroom in Palma is the perfect opportunity to experience smart technology
The Gira products seamlessly blend into their surroundings.
Gira showroom in Palma

In addition, there are over 50 Touch Points both on the mainland and on the islands, where we present Gira products together with selected partners and make them tangible. We look forward to welcoming and advising customers in our showrooms again in the near future.

At the moment, the next holiday still seems a long way off for us. But if you are planning a trip to Mallorca and are an interior or smart home fan, the new Gira showroom is definitely worth a visit.

What are some of the latest smart home tech trends you’d like to try out? Let us know in the comments!

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