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Linoleum, stainless steel & beyond: The Secret Lives of Switches & Sockets

Light switches and plug sockets are probably among the most neglected aspects of interior design. Many of us see them only as functional. Yet we still see them: all the time and everywhere. So, when laying out your new design or room concept, you really should consider what kind of

switches and sockets you want to implement. Of course, that means considering the colour. But don’t forget: the material of your switches is significant, too. Introducing them to your home can make all the difference.

Plastic switches and sockets: Practical and versatile

beautiful kitchen gira standard 55 switch series

For switches and sockets, plastic is a standard material and white is also a standard colour. Not very exciting but certainly functional. That’s unless you decide to go with certain Gira switches – and we’re not just talking


about unique design. You can also expect much higher quality thanks to their meticulous manufacturing process.Fancy a more retro or mid-century look? Then Gira S-Colour might be just right for you.

Stainless steel switches – Functional, high-quality, industrial

Gira eNet stainless steel lighting and shutter control switch

With stainless steel, you’ve got “ functionality and “styleish” in one. This metal isn’t just durable and robust: it’s rust-resistant, making it the perfect switch for both outdoors and indoors. Along with its excellent properties, this metal has a generally chic and timeless aesthetic. It’s a sober look, one that fits in seamlessly with the industrial style.

Stainless steel is elegant, setting sovereign accents within almost every modern living ambience. You can see many more examples of beautiful stainless-steel switches with the Gira Esprit series. With the Gira E2 (a rather minimalist design), you can get a frame of matte satin stainless steel. Beautiful.

Chrome frame variants: classic, cool and glamorous

Switch Design Line e2 Gira in Chrome

True, you might not think “glamour” when you think of switches and plug sockets… However, that’s exactly what many of us think when it comes to chrome. Its now making a comeback with designers. This material isn’t just luxurious (for example: the Art Deco style interior). It’s also great for adding a touch of shine to a discreet interior design and generally comes into its own in classical modern room concepts.

Chrome sockets and switches are stylish and eye-catching, and generally resonate “cool” with their flawless shine. You can certainly find this material in the Gira Esprit series: however, you’ll also find a chrome switch variant in the exclusive Gira ClassiX design line.

What about aluminium? – High-quality, simple and elegant

Aluminium switch Gira esprit

The subtle yet elegant sheen of aluminium is not something we should shy away from, either. This is a light metal and one that simply radiates high quality, with a subtle shimmer that simply adds to its clean and modern look. It even feels quite nice to touch; cool and silky, very pleasant to use.

Aluminium doesn’t limit you when it comes to colour choices. Black, brown, light gold: all options available within the Gira Esprit series. With a matte finish and anodised surface, the switches and sockets set elegant tones on the walls in each and every room.

Glass switches: timeless, noble - and stable

Gira Esprit glass

Glass has existed for millennia, making it a true classic. Even in the modern age, constant optimization has led to a high-quality, stable material that we see everywhere. With a shiny-smooth surface, glass also exudes an air of sophistication. Cleaning it is pretty easy, too. Thanks to its transparency, this material contributes a light and fresh feeling to any room.

Gira Esprit’s straightforward design is perfect for glass: noble and, clear. Frame colours are also, once again, diverse: black, white, mint and umber. Each one shows a different effect as well, depending on the background. Gira Esprit glass C offers an attractive design alternative: with its semi-circular ground edges and softly rounded corners, it matches all high-quality furnishing styles that are not committed to purism and straight lines.

Linoleum and multiplex – sustainable, modern, easy-care

Design Line Gira Esprit Linoleum-Multiplex.

Consisting of renewable raw materials, linoleum and multiplex complement one another perfectly. This is what the Gira Esprit switch series offers: many high-quality frames that come in numerous colours. You could say linoleum multiplex is a harmonious material, one that gels magnificently with a modern interior and especially with furnishing concepts with which a focus is on the materials themselves.

Got kids at home? This is where linoleum multiplex really pays off as a material. It is very resistant to oils and fats, making them optimal for contact with dirty little fingers. If you’re looking for a child-friendly switch, linoleum and multiplex are always a great choice.

Metal, glass, plastic, linoleum plywood... No matter yur choice of material, each has its own advantages and has a distinct effect on a room. No matter what you choose, an update is sure to add that little bit extra to your home!

Which switch material best suits you and your interior design? We are looking forward to your favourite.

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