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Switching it up: Getting creative with wiring accessories

When you’re planning a revamp of a room, switches and socket outlets are elements that are often overlooked. Many people still view these essential pieces of equipment as purely functional objects that have nothing to do with design – and yet they are usually located in prominent prime positions, on walls and right in the eyeline of anyone who happens to be using the room.

Paying a little more attention to these kinds of details can make all the difference to the look and feel of your room. Switches and socket outlets are now available in a wide range of shapes and colours, and you can choose from various materials – all of which will have a different impact on your room design.

Plastic switches and socket outlets: Practical and versatile

view in kitchen with focus on gira standard 55

Plastic switches and socket outlets in various shades of white are installed as standard in most homes. But not all plastic is created equal: Gira’s comprehensive and high-tech development and manufacturing process produces a plastic that is not only unbreakable and easy to maintain, but also able to cope with whatever life throws at it. The coloured surface is resistant to light and weathering, making plastic switches a great choice for any area of your home.

Gira uses practical plastic in a number of its design lines, so you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your needs and interior style: From the high-quality switches and socket outlets of the Gira Standard 55 design line to the minimalist frames of the Gira E2 series. The Gira Event switches combine a unique shape with a wide range of colour options.

Stainless steel – high quality and functional

view on the gira eNet wireless wall transmitter

Stainless steel is primarily considered a functional material: It is extremely robust and durable, and it doesn’t rust, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Alongside its practical advantages, stainless steel also has a timeless appeal: Its understated look works perfectly with on-trend industrial style concepts.

Stainless steel accents add a touch of elegance to virtually any living space. In addition to the Gira Esprit design line switches and socket outlets, Gira also offers a polished silk-matt stainless steel version of the minimalist Gira E2 frame design.

Chrome frames: Classic, cool and glamorous

Chrome is a timeless choice in interior design, and designers are increasingly turning to this high-shine finish to create exclusive, luxury products. The material is perfect for elegant art-deco-style interiors, but can also be used to add a touch of glamour to a more understated room design; chrome works well in all classical and contemporary settings.

Chrome switches and socket outlets polished to an impeccable shine make cool, stylish and eye-catching wall accessories. Gira uses chrome in the popular Gira Esprit series.

Aluminium – high quality, sleek and elegant

view on gira switch in aluminium design

Aluminium is known for its strength and resistance to scratches. The light metal also exudes quality and has a subtle sheen, producing a modern, clean aesthetic. The cool, silky-smooth surface feels great to the touch.

The Gira Esprit series includes a natural aluminium option as well as coloured switches in black, brown and light gold. With their matt anodised finish, these switches and socket outlets are an elegant wall accessory.

Glass: Modern, elegant and robust

view on gira esprit with glass design

The art of manufacturing glass has been perfected over the course of thousands of years to produce glass as we know it today: a pure, high-quality and surprisingly robust material. The smooth, shining surface looks sophisticated and is easy to clean. The transparency of glass creates a sense of weightlessness and freshness in the room.

The minimalist designs of the Gira Esprit design line are the perfect match for the elegant clarity of glass.

The frames are fitted with a black, white, mint or umber background to create different effects. If you really want to make a design statement, consider the Gira Esprit glass C: The soft edges and rounded corners of this model will complement any interior style, even those not traditionally associated with streamlined design and minimalism.

Linoleum and plywood – sustainable, modern, easy to maintain

view on gira esprit in linoleum-plywood design

Linoleum and plywood are natural renewable materials that form the perfect partnership. In the Gira Esprit design line, these materials are used to produce high-quality frames in a range of colours, with a silk-matt finish that not only looks great, but also feels warm to the touch. Linoleum-multiplex works wonderfully with modern design and with interior styling concepts that place an emphasis on natural materials.

If there are children in the house, linoleum is a great material choice for surfaces. Linoleum is durable and – perhaps most importantly – resistant to sticky fingers. It’s also anti-static and even has a slight antibacterial effect.

Choosing between metal, glass, plastic or linoleum-plywood switches is a difficult task: Each option brings its own unique benefits and will create a different look and feel in your room. But whichever material you go for, one thing is certain: Switching things up with your switches and socket outlets will definitely improve your home. If you’re still struggling to decide, check out the Gira Design Configurator, which is designed to help you plan and upgrade your home.

Which design line is the best fit for you and your home? We’d love to know your favourites.

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