Sustainable furniture: stylish, eco-friendly living

In the world of modern interior design, the furniture we choose for our homes is so much more than just a collection of useful objects. It’s an expression of our values, ideals and personality – and sustainability is something that we are increasingly looking to reflect in our interior style.

The “green furniture” trend has been around for some time, and – as the exhibits and concepts on display at imm cologne earlier this year demonstrated – it’s here to stay for the rest of 2020. Furniture ranges made from natural or recycled materials are on the rise, with new and exciting products for all styles being unveiled all the time.

Gira Esprit switch in living room with wooden floor

Looking beyond wood: Sustainable furniture made from cork

As a renewable natural material, wood is one of the most environmentally friendly resources we have access to. But there are some other environmentally friendly alternatives. Portuguese label Creative Cork, for example, designs contemporary furniture made from cork.

This natural material, sourced from the bark of the cork oak, is a versatile design option in architecture and furniture design. The Creative Cork product range includes handmade dining and coffee tables, sofas, armchairs, chairs and sideboards in a wide range of designs. In spite of its light weight, cork furniture is built to last: It’s exceptionally robust and its waterproof and dirt-repellent surface is smooth and warm to the touch.

creative cork chairs
creative cork chairs close up
chair made from the sustainble material: cork

Linoleum: An eco-friendly mix of natural materials

Linoleum is yet another eco-friendly natural material that promises a long service life and adds a warm look and feel to your home. Made entirely from natural materials, linoleum is biodegradable and still exceptionally strong and easy to maintain. It also boasts anti-bacterial and anti-static properties, making it a popular choice not only for flooring, but also as a hygienic and eco-friendly interior design all-rounder.

German manufacturer Faust Linoleum uses this versatile material to produce contemporary tables, chairs, stools, shelving and accessories, such as serving trays and bowls. Linoleum’s natural ingredients – linseed oil, resin and wood – combine to produce a matt, warm and flexible surface.

Switches from the Gira linoleum-plywood design line are the perfect finishing touch for your eco-friendly interior. Made from a blend of two naturally renewable materials with a lightly textured silk matt finish, the switches are available in six colours – and are guaranteed to look and feel great in any nature-inspired interior.

linoleum table
linoleum desk accessoire
desk daniel lorch

Innovative upcycling: Sustainable furniture made from plastic waste

Danish designer Nanna Ditzel is turning plastic waste that would have polluted the planet’s oceans into a raw material for modern outdoor furniture. The chairs in the Ocean Collection for Mater are based on a design that dates back to 1955, now tweaked for the modern day to produce weatherproof recycled furniture.

Each of the Ocean Chair seats uses around a kilo of plastic and discarded fishing nets that have been transformed into a robust new material. Each product in the collection has been designed so that the individual components can be reused and fed back into the production loop.

Around 75 percent of the Falk Armchair is composed of recycled household plastics. Source: YouTube / HOUE

Decorative recycled accessories for a sustainable finishing touch

If you’re going to create a sustainable interior, then your choices of stylish accessories are just as important as your furniture.

The fabric used in the textile collection Way for Ferm Living is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The polyester material is hand-woven into rugs and cushion covers that can be used both inside and in the garden. One rug alone contains 292 recycled plastic bottles.


Countless labels and premium manufacturers are already proving just how versatile and appealing sustainable design can be.

With so many ethical and sustainable products on offer, there’s an eco-friendly interior solution to suit any style.

How important is sustainability to you when you buy furniture? Have you come across any other pieces that combine sustainability with contemporary design? We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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