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Beiges, greys and greens: Subtle colours for coordinated contrasts

Whether you’re envisaging a calming ocean blue, a romantic rose or an earthy shade of green, choosing the right colour for your walls is sure to be the first thing on your to-do list when you’re redecorating. Opting for subtle colours allows you to create contrasting highlights and eye-catching features – while still pulling off a coordinated, harmonious look – with any interior style.

Subtle colours: Pastels for variation and contrast

Thanks to their high proportion of white, pastels produce a fresh, light and welcoming look when used on larger surface areas. But there’s another, even more important reason why light shades have been a major wall design trend for years and years: Pastel tones work exceptionally well together and can be used in virtually any combination that you can dream up. Whether you’re considering a Scandi-inspired cool blue, a warm vanilla, a powdery lavender or a soft mint green, you can let your creativity run wild and mix and match these subtle colours to create unique coordinated contrasts.

The perfect balance: Show your true colours

Both warm and cool shades of grey are a stylish way to finish your subtle colour scheme. Like the ever-popular black and white, grey is a neutral shade that works well with any other on-trend colour. Paired with a soft rose, coral or apricot, grey lends a feminine touch to a space without making the room look too kitsch.

Beige or a light terracotta yellow also work well with mauve-grey and anthracite shades. Matt pastels with a high proportion of grey create a more sophisticated, mature finish.

Beige couch in front of light blue wall.
Grey chair and lightbulb in front of light green wall.
Circular mirrors, books and interior accessories.
Dining table with coral red curtains in background.
Bed and shelf in pastel colours.

It’s all about the details

When you opt for a minimalist colour scheme, it’s the little details that really finish off your space. The Gira E3 design line is available in subtle colours such as light and dark grey, sand and umber to put the finishing touches on your wall. The rounded cover frame with satin-matt soft-touch surface is available in six subtle shades, which you can combine with operating top units in anthracite or pure white glossy to create your own unique look.

Create design highlights for any interior style

A subtle wall colour is also the perfect backdrop for luxury furniture, accessories and textiles. Gira Esprit design line switches with elegant glass and metal cover frames look great against a muted shade. Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood design line switches – which are available in colours such as nature-inspired light grey, anthracite or brown – are the perfect complement to natural-look or country cottage-style interiors.

view livingroom white
view in living room with outside view
view on gira light switch
Subtle colours: view on gira light switch
view on bicyle on wall

Inspiration for your home

You can use the Gira Design Configurator to find out which switch design is the best fit for your interior style and subtle colour scheme. Try out different colours and design combinations on your smartphone or tablet to decide which looks best in your home.

The Gira Home Assistant is another great planning tool. In just three simple steps, you can get personalised suggestions and inspiration for your Smart Home technology. From elegant light switches to modern door intercoms, Gira products are the perfect way to give your home a makeover – and upgrade your technology, too.

Which subtle colour combinations would you like to try? Or do you prefer to use bolder shades on your walls? Let us know in the comments!

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