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Stylish sunshade design for gardens and patios

In the summer months, a shady spot on the patio is the ideal place to get some rest and relaxation. Inside your Smart Home, the intelligent blind controls ensure that your interior is kept perfectly shaded and protected from the heat of the sun. Outdoors, a flexible sunshade system allows you to spend time outside at any time of day – even during the warmest hours when the sun is at its peak..

1. From manta to stingray: Robust patio shade ideas

Sunshade designers Tuuci have reinterpreted sun protection in a unique way with their artistic stingray sunshade design. The broad ‘wings’ and nature-inspired shape make this sunshade an attractive and eye-catching patio accessory.

The 360-degree rotation function allows the user to turn the sunshade depending on the time of day and the amount of cool shade needed. The weather-resistant shade – which is available in various colours and a range of hard-wearing materials – extends from a pole made from polished “Amor-Wall” aluminium tubes. This corrosion-resistant, stable frame is built to marine standards, forming the core component of all sunshades by Tuuci. The modular sunshade design allows the user to replace the individual components of any Tuuci sunshade. The Manta Ocean Master sunshade also boasts a simple yet functional and stylish design.



Sunshade Design

2. Ensombra: Flexible folding shade

The Ensombra sunshade – created by designer Ramón Esteve for Spanish label Gandia Blasco – is an original and stylish garden shade idea with a well thought-out functional and aesthetic design. The sunshade is comprised of two semi-circular pieces which, in turn, are made of individual blades. Each of these blades slides under and over the adjacent pieces to create a completely individual shade to suit the light and the level of protection you need. The slimline phenolic plastic blades and thermo-lacquered iron shaft produce a minimalist and contemporary design. This timeless accessory will fit seamlessly on any patio.

In addition to neutral single-coloured models in white, black and grey, the sunshade is also available in bright colours to create a summery focal point in your garden.

3. S1 R8: A lightweight architectural sun protection system

The freely suspended shade developed by German architecture firm StructureLab makes other sun protection systems look like they came from the dark ages. The delicate construction of the S1 system creates the illusion that the sunshade is dancing in the air. The octagonal shape produces a uniquely elegant and functional sunshade. The shade is available in a range of colours and provides protection against sun and rain.


4. Umbrosa: Flexible sun protection from the patio to the garden

If you want to create shade over a larger space at your next garden party, the Ingenua sunshade design by Umbrosa is the perfect tailor-made solution. The special slider system makes it easy to adjust the sunshade to suit the environment. The sunshade components are installed on a wall adjacent to the patio; the system is completed with between one and three support pillars, depending on the size of the shade. This creative sunshade design by Pieter Willemyns is both intelligent and uncomplicated.

5. Frou Frou: A tropical garden sunshade design

Close your eyes and imagine the scene: You’re relaxing on a white sandy beach, under the shade of a gently swaying palm tree – and a straw umbrella. The Frou Frou sunshade by designer Davy Grosemans was inspired by this idyllic image. Like the fronds of a bamboo plant, the raffia shade sways gently in the breeze. Its name comes from the French “frou frou”, which refers to the soft rustling sound made as the wind passes over the nature-inspired material of the sunshade. The dynamic sunshade design also creates fascinating light patterns as the sunlight trickles through the faux raffia. This innovative garden shade will make you feel as though you’re on holiday – without having to leave your garden.
Sunshade Design

Which model would be the best fit for your patio or garden? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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