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Staying young in your own home

Fuss-free living at home – for life

Peter and Ida Feldmann are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary with their children, grandchildren, and friends. Having big family get-togethers at home is a favourite pastime of this young-at-heart couple. Once the main celebrations are over and things get a little quieter, their sons finally dare to ask what everyone has been wondering for a while now: where their parents will be spending their twilight years. While the whole family remains attached to the large, spacious country house where several generations grew up, it doesn’t seem like the right place for Peter and Ida to live comfortably and safely as they grow older. To avoid antagonising their parents too much, sons Christian and Lars found a comfortable four-bedroom home in town which they now plan to show their parents and highlight all the benefits that come with it.

Age-appropriate living: a home for generations

No sooner has Christian mentioned the extra wide doors and the lift does his father make him understand curtly that they have no plans to move house. “For our silver wedding, your mother and I have given ourselves the gift of living without fuss in our own four walls for the rest of our lives. The perfect old age accommodation at home, so to speak.” His sons look at him with puzzled expressions for a few moments, which he clearly finds satisfying. Then he offers to take them on a guided tour of their own house. He starts the tour at the front door. “Your mother has become a bit more anxious over the years. Especially when it gets dark”. Intuitive and adaptive technologies for age-appropriate living in your own home

The right solution for any life situation

Smart living products could be very helpful in the dark.

Intercom with video function

“That’s why we’ve bought this video-based door station. We can see who’s at the door and speak to them over the talk-back system all the way from our bedroom if needed. It’s easy to operate, whether you’re standing up or lying down,” he says with a wink. This provokes a comment from Lars: “What's the point of seeing everything outside in the dark with the video camera’s special lighting if you can’t find the light switches inside at night?" Without uttering a word, Peter Feldmann opens the door to the study. With it being already dark outside, it is pitch-black inside.

Modern building technology wellness package

He gestures for Lars to enter the room. As soon as Lars steps over the threshold, the room lights up.“Our Sensotec LED,” says Mr Feldmann. "It reacts to motion. Lights are activated without the need to touch the switches.” “And how much longer do you think you’ll be able to lift these heavy blinds?

And please don’t forget all the electrical appliances you leave running all day long. The house is so big you won’t notice if the coffee machine starts burning out in the kitchen.” Christian points out, still concerned. “That’s included in the modern building technology wellness package for age-appropriate living.

Blinds can be operated electronically and socket outlets controlled with timers. Dangerous appliances now switch themselves off after a set time, and the blinds can also be raised and lowered automatically whenever we decide it. Both of these are aspects that enable age-appropriate living. We’re well looked after. So thanks for your concern, but with the help of all these wonderful innovative options, we’ll be holding our golden anniversary here too. Can we go back to celebrating now?" Passing the front door again, he shouts over to his sons with a glance at the door station before disappearing into the living room. “Your better halves have just driven up outside. Go and help them bring the bags in.”

Are you currently planning to modernise your home, or are you already using one of the technologies mentioned above? We look forward to receiving your comments.

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