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It’s spring! 6 tips to start the gardening season right

The green living room

The garden needs to be modern, practical, and cosy – it is, after all, somewhat like a second living room during the warm season. When you are working on your laptop, listening to music, or using electronic devices, a reliable outdoor power supply is a must. The most secure solution is a multifunctional energy profile. Flexible electronic installations do not only provide power but also lightening, exactly there where it is needed.

Put an end to messy cable management

At the start of the gardening season, everybody is busy chopping, cutting, and mowing. So, electricity supply is highly needed. Putting an extension cord through your flower beds and lawn is not optimal – it is not only risky because you can trip over it, but it poses a real hazard for people and machines. The safest alternative is a fixed energy profile that can be flexibly used..

Safety, the number one priority in the garden

The water-protected IP 44-Installation of Gira, with three earthed sockets, enables you to use all your electronic devices outdoors without a worry. In this way, you can not only plug in your electronic grass mower, fountain, and pond pump, but also your electric grill, fridge, or sound system without any problem.

Light profiles for atmospheric garden lighting

On long summer evenings and barbeque nights, the right atmospheric garden lighting makes all the difference. For this reason, the energy profiles also come with an integrated light element or solely as a light profile without any sockets. The light gets broadly dispersed and can therefore light larger areas like a lawn or terrace. You have the option to use a screen to direct the light into a specific direction or to illuminate a garden sculpture, for example. The narrow light beam coming from the back of the profiles helps you to find your way.

Practical helpers for the garden

Energy profiles with open elements for extra flexibility

Outlets for speakers, a phone or tv, can be installed in an energy profile that comes with open elements. Various functions of the Gira TX_44 switch programme can be flexibly integrated, offering a remarkably great range of applications. Using the System 55, data protection technologies or bus technologies can be incorporated. An automatic motion sensor switch can be added for models with an integrated light element. When the energy profile is located close to a drive way or entrance, it can be useful to additionally integrate a door intercom system.

Easily installed and perfect for outdoors

The durable materials and possibilities for water- and theft-protected installation make the Gira TX_44 installations perfect for outdoor use. The pre-programmed energy and light profiles can, moreover, be conveniently connected using a pluggable terminal block. To do this, the profile is fixed to a solid surface with a dowel. If you have softer soil you can fasten a tube to the profiles which can be sunk into the ground. There are also options to lay the wiring in your garden with more ease.

Are you already using smart solutions in your garden? We look forward to hearing about your experiences.

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