Staircase design ideas: From unused space to optimised space

Is designing the staircase even necessary? You bet it is. The staircase is often unfairly neglected, even though it is a central component of our home and is constantly in use. How do you decorate an enclosed staircase? We will show you ways to design the staircase, both practically and aesthetically.

What to put on the wall at the top of the stairs?

The walls are an integral part of designing the staircase. As a passageway, it allows you to implement ideas here that may not be possible elsewhere.

As a general rule:

  • lighter wall colours for a dark and narrow staircase.
  • If using a two-tone paint, apply the easier-to-clean colour in the lower area: This makes the usually unavoidable scuff marks from passers-by less noticeable.
  • If you want to make your staircase a little more unusual, wallpaper can make a huge difference. There is a huge selection of exciting designs, from floral patterns to geometric shapes or even extravagant murals.
  • A small picture gallery running parallel to the staircase gives your staircase a personal touch.
Staircase design ideas to make optimal use of space

Making the most of space: The staircase as storage space or mini-office

It seems a bit unusual at first, but it is also worth considering putting furniture in the staircase. It is important not to waste any space, especially in smaller houses.

Valuable storage space can be created around the staircase with the help of shelves or built-in cupboards. Even a comfortable reading armchair or a small work corner can find a home under the staircase. Make sure the furniture matches the staircase style and does not create too many contrasts with materials.

Cosy furniture at the staircase

Staircase design ideas: Here's how to best light your stairway

Speaking of lighting: With the right light in the staircase you don’t only create an attractive ambience, but also stay safe – after all, tripping on the stairs are one of the most common accidents in the home. With presence and motion detectors, all steps are optimally lit whenever you use the stairs. The automatic lighting control provides reliable orientation and also saves energy – because the staircase lighting only switches on when you actually need it. This is particularly practical when you have no hands free to turn on the light switch.

An equally atmospheric and sure-footed solution is indirect LED lighting under slightly protruding steps. The same applies to spotlights that are installed in the wall at step height. The new Gira Plug & Light series is ideal for this. You simply dock the Plug & Light spotlight to the Plug & Light light socket outlet using a magnetic connection and you can create the light scene you desire in a flash.

With the right design, your staircase becomes a stylish eye-catcher – and if furnished cleverly, can even be a practical extension of your living space.

But, however you end up designing your staircase, do not let this integral connecting point in your home go to waste – it can offer plenty of possibilities.

How have you designed your staircase so that it is homely yet functional? We look forward to your comments.

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