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Spot on: Stainless steel light switches turn your wall into a design feature

Looking for a range of switches that offers all the latest technology, encapsulated in an elegant design and built to last? Then look no further: The stainless steel switches in the Gira E2 design line are exactly what you need. The elegant switches from the Gira E2 design line fit seamlessly into any interior, effortlessly turning any wall into a design feature.Light switches – an underestimated style statementWhatever room you’re decorating, the style and concept you choose will be defined – at least in part – by its size. But interior design is also about reflecting your own personality and tastes. Usually, we focus on colour, style and furniture design to express ourselves. Lighting is also an essential element that sets the mood in any room. You might opt for the latest on-trend lamps, designer shades or indirect wall lighting.Confronted with all these different lighting choices, we often forget to think about the switches that go with them.

But the switches – strategically placed by door frames and therefore always within our line of vision – also have an important role to play in setting the tone for the room. In fact, choosing an elegant and timeless switch will elevate the style of the entire space.

Stainless steel light switches: A question of style

In interior design, it’s often the finer details that really put the finishing touches on a space: These days, light switches and socket outlets are crucial design elements that need to match your interior style. The Gira E2 design line offers a sophisticated range of light switches and socket outlets, all of which are not just available in stainless steel, but also in anthracite, aluminium, matt black and two shades of white. The flush-mounted model, which protrudes just 3 mm from the wall, is a clear expression of the streamlined, minimalist design of the stainless steel light switches. Inserts from the modular Gira System 55 can be used to integrate over 300 functions into the switches – enabling you to combine lighting control with smart individual solutions such as door communication technology within the elegant Gira E2 design line.

A stainless steel light switch on a dark background
Two different stainless steel light switches on a dark background.
A stainless steel light switch with integrated LED is a smart living product.
Five different stainless steel light switches on a white background.
A white stainless steel light switch with integrated USB ports.

Stainless steel – perfect for any room

With a stainless steel design, Gira E2 is the perfect fit for any room. Whether you opt for a brushed matt or glossy finish, the subtle silver stainless steel casing will shine on any wall – regardless of whether your interior revolves around bright floral patterns, bold wallpapers or minimalist furniture.

In contemporary kitchens, too, stainless steel is a popular design option: The material is high quality and easy to maintain. The unmistakable shine of stainless steel can often be found on premium work surfaces and in kitchen accessories such as mixing bowls, pots and pans and knives.

Stainless steel light switches are the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen, coordinating perfectly with these design elements.

Keen to add some sophisticated finishing touches to your home? [SB1] Check out the article “The Gira design lines at a glance” to find out about all Gira models and learn more about the unique features of each design line. To see what your chosen design will look like in your home, use the simple Gira Design Configurator and try out all the possible combinations.

What are the light switches in your home like? Let us know in the comments!

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