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Stainless steel design – Intriguingly innovative

When stainless steel turns into art

Steel has been a popular material to use in interior design for a long time now. However, art enthusiasts seem to assume such a hard element is likely to lend atmospheres a cold or even an impersonal touch − the many individual possibilities this material has to offer have been underestimated for a long time. Today, people attracted to steel-made home accessories no longer have to worry about giving their home an unwelcoming or cold feel thanks to the use of smooth surfaces. Instead, artists like Mr. Kirov have proven that steel design and a soft, modern finish are perfectly compatible.

The idea of using this metal with suitable shapes and ideally in conjunction with other construction materials makes steel an all-round element.

The artist and his works

Born in Bulgaria in 1955, Mr. Kirov can look back on an impressive career showcasing numerous prestigious art pieces. Although his early work mainly draws on his extensive skills in copper, his new-found passion for silver and gold greatly shaped his creative process in the following years. He painstakingly handcrafted various unique artworks, including famous presents for Pope John Paul II and Nelson Mandela.

Impressions of the innovative steel design

Liquid steel
Liquid steel
Liquid steel
Liquid steel
Liquid steel
Liquid steel

Pushing the boundaries

Mr. Kirov recently developed a unique technique of manipulating stainless steel by hand. The idea behind the steel design is as new as it is simple: processing materials, creating new shapes and giving them a modern finish is the perfect way of showcasing the versatility of stainless steel in an extremely wide range of interior design styles. Over the years, the artist has created spectacular pieces of art such as dice or pillars made of mirrored steel, which may vary in size and shape, but portray the same wave-shaped steel design that is so characteristic of his work.

Stainless steel mastered

Stainless steel, a material visually perceived as rigid, is softened and taken to a whole new level, particularly when combined with other building materials such as marble. The fluidity of the designs create a striking effect. If you’re enthusiastic about artistic steel-made home accessories, or believe that traditional metallic surfaces are too cold or unfriendly, Mr. Kirov’s designs finished to resemble liquid steel could be a real alternative for you. See for yourself how his creations can not only look elegant, but also create a homely ambience too. In Mr Kirov’s case, thinking outside the box is particularly fun.

Order one of Mr. Kirov’s artworks and indulge yourself – and your guests – with striking and highly valuable designs pieces.

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