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Split-level house packed with smart technology – modern home comfort combined with timeless Bauhaus style

Near Darmstadt in Germany, architects have created a cube-style home that is compact and uncomplicated, yet playful and inviting.

Occupied since 2012 by the family that built it – who had a concrete idea of their dream home in mind –

the split-level design is not the only thing that sets this home apart from other houses in the neighbourhood: The straight, direct and unfussy Bauhaus lines of the exterior of this Smart Home are reflected in its functional design, too.

split level house

New levels of architecture: A split-level house that combines modern comforts with timeless Bauhaus style

To meet the future occupants’ demanding specifications for comfort and convenience, architect Dirk Helwig involved Smart Home experts Casaio in the planning of the building at an early stage. The classic, clear design language of the split-level construction needed to shine through in spite of the modern technology packed into the home. From planning the electrical systems to programming the Gira KNX system and finally selecting and integrating all of the technical components, aesthetics were the primary focus at each stage of the construction process. Technical equipment such as smoke and presence sensors, speakers and spotlights were all included in the ceiling design plan.

Functional design in every corner of the split-level house

To create an “invisible cinema” in the living room, a drywall construction was installed in the early stages of the build, enabling speakers and a screen to be concealed in the lighting coves. The adjacent office houses the connections for the projector that beams images into the room through a glass panel, ensuring that the technology installed in the house in no way detracts from its aesthetic. In many other areas of the split-level house, modern technology is used as a design feature: The upper levels of the home are accessed via a staircase fitted with RGB lighting, while the floor boasts integrated lighting strips that the residents can set to any colour they choose.

All the benefits of a Smart Home

split level house
split level house
split level house

The KNX system in a split-level house: All the benefits of a Smart Home

The installed building technology is what makes this split-level house so smart. When they’re not home, the owners can keep an eye on their property and control its various functions from their mobile devices. At home, the same functions are configured in just a few clicks using the free-programmed Gira HomeServer, which displays all of the available data on the building.

The occupants can also operate the building technology using the Gira pushbutton sensor installed in various rooms of the house.

The heat pumps and ventilation systems in the split-level house are also integrated into the intelligent KNX system. To harmonise with the aesthetic of the home, the clients opted for switches from the Gira E2 design line in pure white to complement the elegant Bauhaus style.

The split-level Bauhaus home is an extraordinary property that combines timeless design with the latest Smart Home technologies and modern comforts.

Has this home given you any inspiration for your building project? Tell us how you unite maximum comfort and minimalist design.

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