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Spicer’s House Smart Home: Luxuriously smart living

Nestled in the woods and moorlands just 25 kilometres from London as the crow flies, the picturesque village of Oxshott is a true countryside escape from the city. A 2000-square-metre plot in the village is home to Spicer’s House: A Smart Home built in a traditional countryside manor style to house a British family. Home automation company Design Innovation integrated a user-friendly building control system to offer a full spectrum of everyday comforts.

Smart living in open-plan spaces

The façade of the three-storey Spicer’s House has ample large windows looking out onto a generously proportioned garden.

The windows flood the interior – which is comprised of a large main house with a right-angled extension to the side – with natural light. Inside, a timeless white and black colour scheme is dominant, with accent colours used to highlight specific areas – including the elegant herringbone design wooden flooring. The house has ample bedrooms and bathrooms for guests and friends to stay over. Highlights include the minimalist indoor pool and the open-plan kitchen by Poggenpohl, with Corian surfaces and stainless steel appliances. Most of the walls are kitted out with streamlined Gira E22 stainless steel switches, which can be used to control the comprehensive building technology system.

Spicer’s House shows the old English style.
Minimalism kitchen in the Spicers House.
The Spicers House has a wellness area with pool.

Comprehensive Smart Home control system for enhanced comfort and convenience

The building control system installed by Design Innovation enhances the level of comfort of the home in many ways. At the heart of the system is the Gira HomeServer. KNX works in harmony with the Gira HomeServer to intelligently and efficiently connect a range of functions. Via the intuitive Gira Control 19 Client 2 touch screen, residents can control the building technology functions conveniently and from a single, central point. There is also a Gira pushbutton sensor in every room, which can be used to control the lighting in individual parts of the home and garden, as well as to operate the underfloor heating, ventilation and door communication system.

The HomeServer also enables the owners to define their own complex scenes, which activate multiple functions at the same time in a single room or throughout the building. The pre-programmed scene for the spa area, for example, activates a set of multicoloured LED lights with a single touch of a button.

One of the key advantages of modern technology is that it can be continually expanded and adjusted to the individual needs of the people who use it, providing maximum comfort and convenience. At any point, an electrical installer can reprogram the KNX system and add any additional components that the owners of the property might need.

Are you planning to improve your living space with Smart Home technology? Which functions are most important to you? Let us know in the comments, or request one of our free Gira brochures for architecture and renovation projects to find out more about how an intelligent building control system could benefit you.

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