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Natural, curvy, and lots of beige: sofa trends of 2022

Couches are all about comfort and harmony this year: the new collections include plenty of natural materials, earthy tones, and organic shapes. Contemporary designers continue to focus on high-quality, sustainable, and customisable products – a trend which has moved to the forefront across the whole interior industry. Wondering what that looks like? We’ve got five inspiring examples.

Paula & Rose: trending sofa designs from Denmark

This season, the Scandinavian label Sofacompany put sustainability first. For their new couch collection, they used pinewood sourced from FSC certified forestry.

The upholstery feels extra comfortable, thanks to a mix of foam and Nosag steel springs. On that basis, designer Line Nevers created a sofa named Paula. This three-seater has a cover made from matt velour and comes in four colour variants: rusty red, beige, grey, or cream white. The material’s structure is similar to natural moss, with 50 percent made from recycled polyester – a particularly non-fade and easy-care option.

Soft velour was also the material of choice for the model Rose, designed by Nikoline Tryde. The two-seater offers enough space for three people at a time. In soft pastel hues such as “Danny Cream” and “Firenze Bubble Gum“, it matches the sofa colour trends for 2022 perfectly.

two round shaped sofas facing each other
round haped sofa

2. Scandinavia Remix: modular sofa designs for comfort that lasts

In collaboration with Bolia, the Danish design duo Glismand & Rüdiger have launched a collection of timeless furniture pieces. Couches from the “Scandinavia Remix” series stand out with their handmade wooden frames and fluffy pillows – solid craftsmanship meets hygge comfort. The modular concept allows for maximum flexibility in terms of size, layout, and style. For the cover, you can choose between four different materials: fabric, wool, leather, or velvet. Colours are equally customisable – ranging from black, white, and grey to yellow, green, or rose. You can also add individual elements such as poufs or daybeds to create a complete sofa set design.

Of course, any huge centre piece should blend in with its surroundings – down to the small details. For switches and socket outlets that match furniture such as those from the Scandinavia Remix series, we recommend the Gira Esprit design line with linoleum-plywood frames: their soft, earthy colours complement nature-bound sofa trends of 2022. You’d like to try out different combinations before redecorating your living room? No problem, thanks to the Gira design configurator: the online tool uses AR technology to show you how certain variants will look on your own wall.

Gira Esprit switch +

Gira switches made from linoleum-plywood

Two materials in one sustainable design line: Gira Esprit switches with linoleum-plywood frames.

Sustainable and stylish: Gira Esprit switches in linoleum-plywood work particularly well in Scandinavian-style interiors. Source: Bolia

3. Louisiana by Ferm Living: when art turns into a sofa trend

In many ways, the approach of an interior designer is similar to that of a painter or sculptor – they experiment with different colours, shapes, and materials to create something that excites and inspires us. A collaboration between the Danish Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and the label Ferm Living has once again demonstrated how a work of art can set a new sofa trend. The two partners developed a novel textile and used it as the cover for two furniture pieces.

With a bold stripe pattern in black and beige, the Rico Lounge Chair and the Rico 2-Seater immediately catch the eye in any living room.

Their aesthetics reflect the sense of elegant simplicity that characterises the Louisiana Museum. The venue’s interior is marked by high, white-washed walls, bare structures, wooden ceilings, and deep red floor tiles. This play of contrasts also served as a source of inspiration for the trending sofa design.

Small round shaped sofas with balck and white stripes

4. Jalis21 by Cor: a sofa to escape reality

At first glance, all you see is a pile of pillows. But if you look a bit closer, that pile turns into a cosy couch with enough room for the whole family. The so-called Jalis21 is named after the Arabic expression “Dschalies”, which signifies hospitality and friendly communication.

German manufacturer Cor thereby alludes to the bountiful cushions that invite us to cuddle up and dive into magical stories like those of “Arabian Nights”. Decorative seams along the outer edges accentuate the soft contours. With a variety of different materials, sizes, and colours – including beige and rusty red – this trend-setting sofa can easily be customised to fit your personal style.

multimodular sofa

5. Soriana: the comeback of an iconic sofa design

Trends are hardly ever “original” in the proper sense of the word. More often, they simply revive something that has been here before – but with a new spin. The Soriana sofa is no exception: after first appearing on the scene in 1969, it has become a coveted piece among collectors and interior enthusiasts. Now, more than 50 years later, Italian label Cassina has launched a new version of the design classic from Afra und Tobia Scarpa.

The hallmark features have remained the same: wrapped in soft fabric or leather, a metal frame holds the luscious upholstery together. What‘s changed is the type of construction and materials, for the purpose of meeting contemporary standards of sustainability and comfort. In colour variants such as creamy white, light orange, or smoky blue, the Soriana sofa trend is the perfect fit for modern interior spaces. If you’re looking for something close to the original, we recommend a model with chrome-plated struts. Cassina will offer armchairs, chaise longues, two- or three-seaters, and poufs in the iconic Soriana look.

Which sofa trend would you like to see in your living room this year? We’re looking forward to your comments.

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