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Smart nursery: The technology of your kids’ dreams

Ask any child what their favourite room is in their home, and you’re almost guaranteed to get the same answer: “My bedroom!”. A child’s own room is their own little safe haven; a cosy spot where they can relax and just be themselves after an eventful day at school. And once the children are safely tucked up in bed, you can retreat downstairs to round off your evening with a cup of tea. Read on to find out how a smart nursery kitted out with the latest technology will help your kids from bedtime through to the morning wake-up call.

Keeping monsters under the bed at bay: Smart lighting

Kids often find it difficult to know when it’s time to go to bed – we’ve all been subjected to protest cries of “but I’m not tired!” from the little ones when bedtime is announced. The smart lighting system Philips Hue helps your kids to develop a better feel for when it’s time to drift off: In the evening, the “Sleep Buddy” automatically dims the lighting in your smart nursery to a warm sunset for a more gentle transition to replace the standard “lights out” routine. This helps children to understand that their day is slowly coming to an end. The various scenarios built into the system can be controlled not only via the app, but also using the smart Friends of Hue switch – so that younger children can play an active role in bedtime and turn their lights on and off themselves.

Phillips Hue in action. Source: Philips Hue / YouTube

Lights out – good night! Lots of children are scared of the dark; that is completely normal and they will usually grow out of it as they get older. To help your kids feel safe at night until they reach that point, smart orientation lights in their room might be the solution; they ensure that your child will never wake up in pitch-black darkness. Gira’s orientation lights are built directly into the socket outlet: They are designed to cast a subtle, indirect light on the floor so that no-one is dazzled. The smart light is equipped with a sensor, enabling it to switch on automatically at dusk and switch off again in the morning.

The orientation light not only helps take away some of the fear associated with darkness, but also helps your children find their way around in the dark. But they might need a little more light if they’re making a trip to the toilet. Fitting motion detectors is a great way to enhance your hallway: If your kids get up at night, the hall light will automatically switch on. You can program the night light function via an app to ensure that your kids aren’t startled awake by bright lighting, but get just enough dimmed illumination to find their way to the bathroom and safely back to bed.

Gira SCHUKO plug socket

Bedtime means story time: Drift off to sleep with a smart story box

Audio books help most kids drift soundly off to sleep. But the cassette tapes and CDs you had as a child have long since had their heyday. The future of storytelling is smart and digital – and delivered via the ultra-cute Toniebox. This smart audio system is designed for kids to operate: If you want to hear Little Red Riding Hood, just place the Little Red Riding Hood figurine on the box and the story begins. The box also boasts intuitive controls for volume and chapter navigation.

Each of the Tonies figurines has its own stories to tell – and they can all be played with as toys in their own right. And perhaps best of all: Once the bedtime story is finished, the Toniebox automatically goes into sleep mode.

If your kids are past the age of bedtime stories, fear not: There’s a smart speaker for older children too. With the Hay for Sonos One, teens can fall asleep to audio books or their favourite pop songs. Available in five different colours, the speaker is an eye-catching addition to any room. Your kids will love its powerful, high-quality sound playback and the integrated, easy-to-use voice control feature.

smart nursery children playing
smart nursery little boy playing
smart nursery little girl smiling

Intelligent heating control: Smart thermostats for kids’ rooms

If your kids spend a large part of their day playing on the floor in their rooms, it’s important that your home is kept at a comfortable warm temperature. But when you’re all tucked up in bed, the room should be a little cooler. As children generally aren’t known for paying attention to the heating, a smart heating controller can be a great addition to kids’ rooms: They enable you to control your intelligently networked tado° thermostats via an app or from the Gira G1 touch screen.

These remote control options come in particularly handy if your child is already asleep, and you don’t want to wake them up by tip-toeing into the room.

Adding smart heating control to your children’s rooms also gives you the option of fully automatic temperature regulation: The heating is turned down at the kids’ bedtime and fired up again the next morning so the room is nice and warm when they get out of bed.

smart nursery girl playing in room
smart nursery bike in hallway
smart nursery chic living room grey

Good morning sunshine: Blind control in the smart nursery

After a good night’s sleep, it’s important to get your day off to a relaxed start – for you and for your kids. Kindergarten and school can be demanding for your little ones, and getting up early is something that many children find difficult. And no-one likes being rudely awakened from a deep sleep. Installing smart blind control in your smart nursery can help support the natural waking process. The Gira System 3000 enables you to define when the blinds should be automatically raised.

Thanks to the integrated astro function, you can even adjust your timings dynamically based on the sunrise, using the sun to gently rouse your kids from their sleepy state.

After a good night’s sleep, your children will be full of energy for the day ahead. And smart technology will do much more than just help them drift off to sleep: They’ll enjoy a restful night and wake up gently, ready for new adventures.

Want to add smart technology to your children’s rooms? The Gira Home Assistant planning tool will help you work out what you need and transform your vision into reality – step by step.

Have you added smart technology to your children’s rooms already or are you still at planning stage? Let us know in the comments!

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