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Smart living room: make your time at home count with these devices

Returning from two-day trip on Sunday night, you want to enjoy these last few hours of the weekend at your favourite place: home. Surely, your house will be just as neat and tidy as you left it. But imagine if on top of that, the lights and heating were all set to welcome you: these Smart Home devices make it possible.

Heat your home efficiently and conveniently with tado° thermostats

You almost froze on the way from your car to the house – but when you open the front door, you’re welcomed by a rush of warmth.

You’ve not been home for a few days, and of course you didn't leave the heating on for the entire weekend. Thanks to your smart thermostat by tado°, you could switch on the heating via app on your way home – ensuring that your house is perfectly cosy upon your arrival.

Using location detection technology, tado° can also notice when your house stays empty. The heating will then be turned down automatically, saving up to 30 percent of your regular energy expenditure.

A smart thermostat in a smart living room is a useful gadgets für safe energy.
Smart living room with a heat indicator from tado°.
The thermostats from tado° looks very nice in a smart living room.

Philips Hue: Lighting at your fingertips

When the car’s unloaded and you’re ready to relax, you head into the living room – which has not only been heated to exactly the right temperature, but also illuminated with relaxing mood lighting to help you draw your weekend to a close. This welcoming lighting scenario is achieved by Philips Hue – a smart LED lighting system that you can control via the Gira touch sensor, an app, or by using your voice.

The impact that lighting can have on a room is often underestimated, as we are not always consciously aware of it. With Philips Hue, it’s easy to adjust your lighting to different activities. As its name suggests, Hue can illuminate your home in a vast array of colours – over 16 million, in fact – to suit any occasion or mood.


Gira pushbutton sensor 3

Controlling lights and blinds, regulating room temperatures, setting mood scenes: the Gira pushbutton sensor is surprisingly versatile.

With a smart pushbutton sensor, you can easily adjust your lighting in every room. Source: Gira

Lua turns your plants into pets

Who’s smiling at you from the windowsill? That’s right – it’s your aloe vera and yucca house plants. And smart plant pots can give your plants a face – a face that tells you everything you need to know about how they are feeling. Your plants seem to be happy right now. But Lua is more than just a pretty face: If your plant is struggling, the face will let you know.

This innovative plant pot is equipped with three sensors to monitor all of the conditions that your plant needs you to take care of in order to thrive – moisture, light and temperature. As all plants have different care needs, you can tell the pot which plant you’re looking after via the app, so that Lua knows exactly what will make your plant happy.

Source: Mu Design Luxembourg / YouTube

The Frame: Turning the television into artwork

Finally, it’s time to sink down into the sofa: You put your feet up and reach for the remote. But televisions can be awkward pieces in the home: If you’re watching an action-packed movie, you want the full cinema screen experience – so it’s great if you can fit a large TV into your living room. But once the screen is switched off, the size of these devices can overwhelm the space; a huge black box dominating the room is not exactly the best way to complement your carefully crafted interior design scheme.

Imagine if you could be greeted in your living room not by the sight of an enormous dark and foreboding electrical device, but your favourite painting positioned right opposite your sofa. But wait a minute: Is that a painting? The answer is no – it’s actually The Frame, a high-end television designed and manufactured by Samsung. The device comes with a special art mode, which uses sophisticated technology to disguise the device as a painting. What a great invention.

Smart living room with special television.

Sonos Beam – a smart soundbar with integrated voice control

The Beam Soundbar is guaranteed to turn any television crime drama into a cinematic experience. But this smart living room device from Sonos can do more than just deliver amazing sound: using its integrated voice control technology, you can communicate directly with Alexa or Google Assistant. The device is also equipped with intelligent networking.

This way, you can control all of your Smart Home devices via the Beam’s voice control system. Let's say you’ve finished watching television and have decided to go to bed – just let your Smart Home know and it will automatically put your home into night mode. Your devices and lights are switched off, the heating is turned down until the morning, and all of your home security systems are activated.

Smart living room with sonos box.

Smart new designs for the good old pushbutton switch: ZigBee and Nuimo Click

Voice controls and apps aren’t the only way you can control your Smart Home devices. The Gira ZigBee wireless wall transmitter can be used to control technology such as the Philips Hue lighting system with a simple touch of a button. The designs are coordinated to match other Gira design lines.

The Nuimo Click and the Nuimo Control by Berlin-based start-up Senic can also be seamlessly integrated into the Gira system, and are compatible with both Hue lighting and the Sonos Soundbar. And if you need any further convincing: the switch works independently of an external power supply, generating its own kinetic energy each time the switch is pressed. Impressive, right?

Smart living room with sonos.
With the Nuimo Click you can control your music in your smart living room.
Gira ZigBee for a smart livng room.
Smart living room with an innovative switch.

Well, what a weekend that was – and the relaxation you enjoyed on your break didn’t end as soon as you walked through the front door. Your Smart Home devices also played a role in ensuring that you were ready to start the new week feeling energised and refreshed.

And you’ve probably already realised that the benefits of Smart Home technology extend far beyond the confines of the smart living room. Over the next few months, we’ll be publishing a series of articles on the best solutions for the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, too.

Which Smart Home device is at the top of your wish list? Let us know in the comments!

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