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Make your home intelligent: Smart living products for your home

Whether you opt for KNX or wireless technology, a bus system is a prerequisite if you want to network and automate your Smart Home technology. But making your home a bit smarter doesn’t always mean that you have to subject yourself to weeks of intrusive electrical work. Various smart living products can be used to retrofit smart technology in existing buildings or in rented properties without using bus systems.

Smart lighting control with the Gira automatic switch 2

If you’re navigating a dark hallway with your hands full, any step, carpet edge or toys that the kids have left lying around can be a major trip hazard. With the latest technology, you can avoid this situation entirely: Automatically controlled lighting is not only a practical and energy-saving addition to your Smart Home technology, but will also make your home a safer place to be. The Gira automatic control switch uses motion detection technology to eliminate the need for you to manually switch the lighting on and off, for enhanced comfort and convenience in hallways and rooms that you only use for brief periods of time.

If you’re going away on holiday, you can set your automatic switch to simulate your presence. The lights will switch on and off at irregular intervals even when no motion is detected, stopping any potential burglars in their tracks.

Gira socket outlet with LED orientation light brings light to the darkness

The Gira socket outlet with LED orientation light has also been designed to help you find your way in the dark. A beam of light directed towards the floor illuminates your path and creates an attractive lighting effect. The socket outlet is equipped with an integrated child safety feature, enabling you to use it as a night light in your child’s bedroom. To save energy, the integrated twilight sensor switches the light on automatically when darkness falls and switches it off again when the room gets lighter in the morning.

Gira LED sockets are examples for smart living products.
A stainless steel light switch with integrated LED is a smart living product.
Smart living products could be very helpful in the dark.

Gira Radio: Smart sound from your walls – without a bus system

Aside from light switches and socket outlets, there’s another type of technology you can integrate into your walls: The Gira Radio is a space-saving music system that eliminates messy cables and is incredibly easy to install. The radio is operated by touching the capacitive sensor field. In combination with the Gira docking station, you can also integrate external music sources and stream audio files from your mobile device via Bluetooth.

The docking station also comes with three adapters for charging various types of device.

Gira USB power supply: Charge your devices without a plug

It’s now even easier to hook up your mobile devices to a power supply: With the Gira USB power supply, all you need is a USB cable. The flush-mounted unit with two slots provides enough power to charge even the most power-hungry electronic devices.

Smart living product: Gira Radio in white next to bluetooth station.
A Socket shortage is a common problem in the kitchen. Use the Profile 55 as a smart living product.
A socket combined with a USB port is a smart living product.

The Gira CO₂ ambient air sensor: A breath of fresh air

Poor indoor air quality can quickly impact on your well-being and cause your concentration to slump. The Gira CO₂ ambient air sensor is a great solution to this problem. It monitors the amount of carbon dioxide in your room and warns you when the values reach critical levels.

The sensor’s LED is illuminated in green when the room air quality is optimal. If the CO₂ concentration rises above a set threshold, the LED turns red, indicating that you should let some fresh air into the room. The ambient air sensor can also be linked to a fan or electronic window opener for efficient, fully automatic ventilation.

You can check your CO2concentration with this smart living product.

Music from the walls, automatic lighting and fresh air throughout the day: With practical smart living products by Gira, you can make your home smarter without having to worry about a bus system.

The entire range of smart living products is fully compatible with the Gira design lines, ensuring that they slot seamlessly into your existing electrical installation and creating a consistent look that matches your interior style.

How are you making your home smarter? Tell us about the smart living products that make your day-to-day life easier.

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