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Smart Homes: Intelligent living with smart house technology

We’ve all left the house and found ourselves wondering: Did I shut the patio door? Did I turn off the kitchen lights? And what about the heating? If these moments of doubt crop up a lot in your day-to-day life, a Smart Home system could save you a great deal of stress and worry. But the world of smart house technology can be a confusing place to navigate, especially for beginners who are just getting to know the options out there. What can you achieve with smart house technology, what are the benefits and – most importantly – what is the best way to make your vision a reality? Here’s our introduction to the most important smart house technology features.

Flexible home control: The key to your Smart Home

The primary advantage of a Smart Home is that you can flexibly control and automate your smart house technology.

Using an app on your smartphone or tablet, you can control everything from your lighting and blinds to heating and sound systems with maximum convenience. If your mobile device isn’t at hand, your Smart Home is equipped with other ways to control your smart house technology – including voice control via the well-known virtual assistant Alexa. Alexa responds to commands such as “Alexa, dim the living room lights to 50 percent”, “Alexa, close the blinds” or “Alexa, switch on the radio”.

Smart House Technology from Gira in the livingroom.

Smart lighting control to set the mood

Smart lighting control is one of the most common applications of smart house technology. Smart lights can be controlled individually from the comfort of your sofa or combined into groups so that you can activate pre-programmed lighting scenarios to set the mood – whatever kind of atmosphere you want to create.

ZigBee® Light Link (or ZLL for short) is a popular interface profile used in intelligent lighting applications. This harmonised international standard for wireless data transfer makes it easy to control your lighting wirelessly. All connected light functions based on ZigBee® Light Link can also be programmed and activated using innovative operating devices such as the Gira wireless wall transmitter.

Smart house technology with the Gira ZigBee.

Enjoy premium music playback: Intelligent audio connectivity

Bluetooth speakers – which enable you to play music directly from your smartphone or tablet – are also a common sight in Smart Homes. Just like with lighting, you can also link up multiple speakers to form an intelligent multi-room audio system that delivers a premium audio experience throughout your home.

One of the most well-known manufacturers of smart sound systems and speakers is Sonos. You can select songs, adjust the volume and fine-tune your sound via an app; the system can even be controlled by voice if you have a compatible Smart Home system installed. All you need to create this fully connected system is the Gira X1 mini server, the Gira S1 remote access module and an Amazon device with Alexa technology.

Sonos speakers

Make your guests feel welcome: Door communication goes mobile

In a Smart Home, you can see who’s at your door before you open it – and even communicate with visitors from your garden, the supermarket or your office. Modern smart house technology makes your door communication system mobile and gives you that extra level of peace of mind when unexpected visitors arrive. As soon as your doorbell is pressed, the Gira door station with colour camera starts recording live images and streams its footage from the doorstep directly to the display of the Gira home station inside your house.

You can also configure the system to let you know if any visitors arrive while you’re out and to send camera images from the door station to your smartphone. The highly secure, encrypted Gira DCS mobile device portal for Android and iOS devices allows you to operate your door communication system remotely and invite guests in before you get home.

Smart home technology inside a doorcoummication.
Smart House Technology with indoor intercom.
Home security system: Thanks to Gira mobile DCS you can monitor your home no matter where you are

Smart blind systems: For enhanced security and comfort

Smart blind systems are designed to enhance comfort, convenience and security. With smart house technology, you can adjust your blinds to suit your needs – by lowering the blinds to give you a little more privacy in the bathroom, for example – using intelligent wall switches. With the Gira System 3000, connected blinds and shutters can also be automated using a timer so that they open and close at predefined times.

Smart blind systems not only protect your home and its occupants from prying outside eyes, but also help you to reduce your energy consumption. Depending on the level of the sun, the outdoor temperature and the time of day, your smart house technology can automatically provide the right amount of shade in your rooms to reduce the burden on your air conditioning system.

Intelligent energy management: Smart technology for more sustainable living

With flexible home control and automation technology on board, your Smart Home provides many other tools to reduce your energy consumption and achieve long-term savings. The Gira X1 app, for example, puts your consumption and energy data at your fingertips – enabling you to manage your energy supply in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The app shows you which appliances or devices are consuming the most power so that you can replace them with more energy-efficient models or adapt your usage habits.

You can also define individual heating plans and temperatures for different rooms. You might want to heat your bathroom to a comfortable temperature before you get up, then set it to run at a lower temperature for the rest of the day until you or others in your home return in the evening.

smart home technology for the shutters at your home.
You can control your smart house technology with Gira App on your smartphone.
Smart house technology can you control with a tablet.

Intelligent home control technology is developing at a rapid pace, with new functions and options joining the vast array of features already on offer all the time. No matter whether in new or old buildings, for rent or in your own home: modern home technology is rapidly becoming the standard and will soon naturally enrich your everyday life.

You can find further information on all our products and Smart Home solutions on the Gira website.

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