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Smart to the core: Modern, intelligent home encased in a “clinker brick” walls

Nestled among the elegant period buildings in the historic Alt-Bogenhausen district of Munich lies this unique "clinker brick" villa, designed as a modern home for a family of six by Harder Groh Architects. The new-build property features an eye-catching dark brick façade, which creates an exciting contrast between this new piece of contemporary architecture and its more traditional surroundings.

An expressive clinker brick shell housing a minimalist interior

At first glance, the clinker brick wall appears to be sleek and consistent in appearance – but a closer look reveals that the structure of the flat brick faces changes depending on the light, creating a dynamic motif that injects living character into the building.

In contrast to the harsh brick façade, the interior is dominated by vast light surfaces. Large glass panes and room heights of up to 2.85 metres underpin the open, welcoming feel of the property. All of the rooms in the home – which boasts just under 400 square metres of living space – are grouped around the central staircase.

The colour scheme is dominated by white, which serves to highlight the clear interior architecture. White is the focus of this house’s colour scheme. It mainly serves to highlight a clear interior architecture. After all, four young children live here: there’s enough colour here already! Oak wood and natural stone flooring contrast with the smooth plastered walls. The minimalist Gira E2 design line in pure white completes the look.

clinkerbrick wooden stairs house interior
clinkerbrick house exterior
clinkerbrick house interior living room angle
clinker brick house living room view glass panes

An energy-saving home with smart building technology

The modern design concept and timeless clinker brick façade are not the only impressive things about this property: It is also kitted out with all the latest building technology. A gas condensing boiler and solar panels on the roof help the house to achieve the KfW 70 standard as an energy-saving home. The energy-generating components and heating system – along with the lighting, door communication system and security technology – are all integrated into a Smart Home system. Through this system, the owners of the property can control all of their building technology with complete flexibility from a central system via the Gira HomeServer. A wired KNX system installed during construction is the basis for the comprehensively networked setup in this new-build property.

Automatic functions for comfort and convenience

The fixed Gira G1 central operating unit serves as a convenient control point for the system. From the touch display, the residents can view all consumption data for the property, as well as configuring settings and programming complex scenes with just a few taps. Using the "Central off" function, they can simultaneously switch off all connected devices and socket outlets in the house. For individual room control, they can store the functions they need on Gira pushbutton sensors. A single press on the intelligent wall switch is all it takes to close the blinds, dim the lights and heat the living room to the desired temperature.

clinker brick house Gira G1
clinker brick house gira push button sensors

All the data you need at your fingertips – even when you're not at home

Even if the entire family is out, the owners can keep an eye on what is going on at home. Using the Gira HomeServer app on their smartphone or tablet, they can monitor their Smart Home and control all of the technology inside remotely. The networked alarm system, which is connected to electronic contacts on the windows and doors, is a reassuring addition that further enhances security.

Complete KNX flexibility: A smart villa equipped for the future

By opting for the global, non-manufacturer-specific KNX standard, the owners have ensured that their Smart Home is equipped for the future. They can add and supplement functions at any time without having to open up the walls and lay new cables. The system can also be adapted

if they sell the house at any point and the new owners want to adjust the Smart Home applications to suit their needs. The intelligent technology behind the high-quality brick façade of this home will ensure that it can deliver customised comfort and convenience for decades to come.

Are you planning to use intelligent technology to make your everyday life easier and smarter? If so, the Gira Home Assistant is a great source of inspiration. From light switches to smart home devices, the digital tool will provide you with personalised tips for your home tech setup in just three steps.

What do you think of this modern, “clinker brick” façade villa? Let us know in the comments!

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