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How your Smart Home can make Valentine’s Day perfect



One of the most wonderful things in the world is to be wakened by a tender “Good morning, darling”. But in a Smart Home, you can simply cuddle up in bed for a little bit longer while the intelligent light system simulates a sunrise. Then, very gradually, the scent of fresh coffee reaches your nostrils. Mmmh, what a way to start the day that celebrates love!

A perfectly timed start into Valentine’s Day

When your automatic blinds finally rise to afford you a view of a leaden February sky, don’t let the grey clouds darken your mood. From bedroom to bathroom and kitchen you will be accompanied by your favourite song and perfectly temperatured underfloor heating.


Not only has the automatic coffee machine already finished its work, the bread rolls are slowly browning in the oven – as pre-programmed by you via your timer. Of course, for Valentine’s Day your home is stocked with all you need for a luxurious brunch: smoked salmon, orange and ginger marmalade ... After all, the fridge app always keeps you up-to-date on the refrigerator’s contents and even likes to create shopping lists! All that’s left for you to set up are candles and a surprise Valentine’s card to coax your better half to breakfast.


Smart helper for a romantic day

Control 19 Client. Source: Gira


Romance that has a system

By managing the technical sequences independently of your usual daily routine, the Gira HomeServer makes sure that light, music and kitchen devices are customised exactly to your individual wishes on Valentine’s Day. Use the evening before the big day to programme which of the KNX system’s devices and components should start running at which time. If the selected playlist or dimmed lighting isn’t quite right for the romantic breakfast atmosphere, simply adjust the settings using a smartphone or tablet.


All you need is … wellness in your own bathroom

The bathroom, once transformed, makes for a wonderful personal spa on Valentine’s Day. With just your finger tip on the Gira touch sensor, you can close the blinds, select the lighting you desire from the pre-programmed lighting scenes, and adapt the musical background to the wellness programme. In the shower, light, sound and water blend into an individual wellness experience. The only question remaining is whether you can agree with your partner on a shower programme. Should it be an invigorating rain shower with music and strong colours, or a fine veil of water with soft sounds and discreet tones? With the smart complete solution from Connected Comfort, different shower scenes can be adapted flexibly to your wishes.


Enhance your living comfort with smart home solutions

Create the right atmosphere through different light scenes. Source: Constantin Meyer / Copyright: Dornbracht, Gira, Revox


A world full of music – thanks to the multi-room system

Valentine’s Day gives you another opportunity to show that the dance lessons you both took have indeed paid off. As you float from the kitchen across the hall into the living room, rhythm and melody follow you at every turn – made possible by the multi-room sound system from Revox. You can access your digital music collection from every room with the Gira M217 or M218 operation unit. The audio system can also be connected with the light so that, with the push of a button, you can achieve the ideal lighting for your sound selection. After strutting your stuff on the dance floor, you can set the right home cinema sound for your evening’s viewing without getting up from the sofa. Paradise.


The oven calls you to a candlelit dinner

While your evening meal cooks in the oven, you can cuddle on the sofa with the lights dimmed. Thanks to the smart kitchen thermometer you can keep an eye on the casserole and check the temperature by simply using your smart phone. The oven will notify you when the candlelit dinner is ready to be served. If a soup is simmering in the pot, sensors in the intelligent kitchen ensure that the extractor hood automatically adapts to what is happening on the cooker.


What’s your perfect Valentine’s Day? We look forward to receiving your comments!

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