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Step by step towards a Smart Home: This is what you need to know about Smart Home wiring

The market for Smart Home products has become as broad as the spectrum of intelligent building technology. But, for Smart Home installation, not every solution fits every home. When planning your wiring, you should therefore not only consider the condition of your house, but also what your current and future expectations of your intelligent home are.

Smart Home installation: Wired versus wireless ?

With little effort, you can immediately benefit from intelligent building technology in your home. But when using independent, single solutions such as an automated heating system or electronic blinds, other functions in other areas can only be realized with additional independent systems. This can become very cumbersome. To network and align all home electronics holistically – from your door intercom system and lighting, all the way to your entertainment system – a well-planned, systemic solution is required. For the implementation of your Smart Home, you have the choice between a wired KNX installation or a wireless network. Depending on the conditions and individual needs, both options have their advantages.

KNX: Anticipatory wiring

When you are planning a new build and want to incorporate extensive Smart Home applications, you can already consider the installation of a KNX system early on in the building process. A broad spectrum of functions are offered, for example the premium solution Gira X1. You have even more possibilities with a high-end system run over the Gira HomeServer. With both variants, an additional cable needs to be installed in addition to the conventional mains supply, which will transmit commands to the connected home technology over a central, cable-based system.

Your home becomes smart with the help of stationary wall-mounted touch sensors, various KNX operating devices, such as the Gira G1, and a central server like the Gira X1 and the Gira HomeServer. If you want something even smarter, you can use the Gira X1 app, which recently received the Iconic Award, to control your devices that are networked via the Gira X1 system. Using the control devices, you can program individualized light scenarios and situations, align various functions with each other, and make sure that your home proactively supports you throughout your daily life.


Smart products for your intelligent home

Smart Home step by step
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More flexibility for your Smart Home with wireless solutions

A wireless installation also provides the possibility for multiple functionalities and has the advantage that there is less planning involved. The commands are transmitted wirelessly, which means that there’s no need for additional construction work to lay down cables. Professional wireless systems like the Gira eNet SMART HOME bring together a range of security and encryption options to ensure that the data network is protected from outside disturbances and attacks. The wireless solutions can be extended or changed in whatever way you prefer. Because of this, you can enjoy maximum flexibility when planning for your Smart Home – even when you are moving or conducting a larger renovation project. When you are renting, you can easily take down all switches and control elements from the wall and install them again in your new home.

Futureproof? Check

Generally, as a home owner or tenant you do not need to worry about having to define all functions in advance to plan your Smart Home. Both the wired KNX installations and the wireless solutions can be extended step by step.

With KNX systems the functional possibilities, also with regards to upgrading, are definitely more extensive. Moreover, the compatibility of the used technology needs to be considered when planning the wiring. The globally recognized KNX standard is the obvious choice for wired systems. With this system, more than 7000 certified products of over 400 international producers can be integrated. This creates great flexibility and sustainability. Modern building technology that relieves you from some of your daily tasks, creates enormous added value for residents of all ages.

Professional expert advice

To reap the full benefits of intelligent building technology and to be on the safe side when it comes to data protection, it is recommended to get professional advice on Smart Home planning. A competent expert can not only explain the technical possibilities, but also support you with the implementation of a futureproof system. In this way, costly or extensive modifications can be avoided down the road.

When will your home be smart? Write to us when you have any questions on intelligent building technology.

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