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London’s Fitzrovia – At the pinnacle of luxury and smart home housing

Surely, there are more famous districts in London than Fitzrovia. However, according to the Sunday Times, Fitzrovia is the best place to live in the English capital. This artists’ neighbourhood offers an exceptional and inspiring lifestyle with its traditional crafts, nightlife, and modern architecture.

The Artisan Building – Luxury times thirteen

London-based project developer "Dukelease". is behind a large part of the architectural work that defines the district’s landscape.  

In the very heart of Fitzrovia, he led the conversion of thirteen apartments and five retail units. The aim was to preserve the properties’ authentic character while creating something unique. The cityscape, marked by the scars of World War II, now combines distinct Victorian features with the asymmetrical lines of contemporary architecture. The credit goes to the well-known architectural firm „Rolfe Judd“. whose influence extend to the buildings’ interior design. An entire smart home complex for building technology enthusiasts.

A whole smart home complex for fans of modern building technology

Rolfe Judd – Understatement meets sophistication

Rolfe Judd is a familiar face to the London's architecture and interior design scene. His style is pure elegance: calm, harmonious, and minimalist in its approach. Or as the architectural firm puts it itself: "Our design ethos is one of understated luxury which we achieve by using intrinsically beautiful finishes and focusing on the minutiae of detail."   

While each apartment has its distinctive, richly detailed flair – its own interior style as it were – the design remains minimalistic. The interior is made up of generous but clearly defined spaces that flow seamlessly into one another, allowing lighting, sculptures, and other ornaments to come fully to life. Rolfe Judd’s views on modern living: “Living areas are places of calmness and wellbeing which reflect contemporary influences and as a result, have a tendency to exhibitionism”.

Understated luxury combined with Gira smart home technology

Intelligent building technology by Gira

To achieve the right balance between smart technology, elegance and style, Rolfe Judd’s team contacted Gira UK. All apartments were fitted with the Gira KNX system. Socket outlets, touch sensors, and flat mounted aluminium light switches from the Gira E22 switch range were hand-selected to operate the building technology. To control the HomeServer, the team opted for removable touchpads from Apple.  

This combination resulted in a striking architectural highlight and shows that tradition and 'Zeitgeist' can work hand in hand. Perhaps you'll want to make a detour to Fitzrovia on your next visit to London? And who knows – you may never want to leave this neighbourhood again.   

Have you ever been to the Fitzrovia district? Share your experiences with other readers.

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