Are modern Smart Home devices really making housework easier?

Cleaning, laundry, ironing… Running a household can sometimes feel more like running in circles. You’ve just gotten everything squeaky clean and then - There’s a huge blotch of toothpaste on your shirt, and a spill.

If this sounds like an everyday occurrence for you, then prepare yourself: we’re going to take a look at a few Smart Home devices whose sole purpose is to help ease the endless, tedious burden of housework.

Forget “clean” and think “pure”: Fully automatic floor washers

Dust and suction robot in one. Source: Zaco / YouTube

You’ve probably already seen a few videos of cute vacuum cleaner robots (and cats riding atop them!). Lugging heavy cleaning equipment around your apartment is practically mediaeval these days. Especially since modern vacuum cleaner robots also come with a “wipe” function.

Enter the V5SPro vacuum wiping robot from Zaco: all you have to do is change the tank and it’ll start wiping your floor. Infrared sensors let the robot keep everything in view, ensuring good navigation and protecting your furniture and walls from scratch marks. With a range of cleaning modes, you’ve got a solution for every situation: from automatic mode to intensive cleaning.

Double the wash, half the work: Laundry with Smart Home devices

Smart home devices people in utility room
LG Signature Twinwish in utility room smart home devices
smartphone smart home devices washing machine

While the vacuum/wiping robots cleans the floor, you decide to tackle that mountain of laundry. Or do you? Yet another one of our smart home devices can help you ease this burden, too. Consider the LG Signature TWINWash washer-dryer: operated via your smartphone. Already pre-filled with detergent, the machine provides the right amount depending on the size of your load.

What’s quite handy is that TWINWash can take on two separate loads together. There’s even a smaller washer-dryer integrated into the device, designed for smaller loads. It is also, mercifully, makes very little noise.

Time to get fresh: Smart devices get your clothes in shape

A fresh feeling in 20 minutes. Source: LG / YouTube

Did you know that constant washing can actually damage your textiles? It doesn’t matter how good your washer-dryer is. What’s more, it isn’t always necessary to wash your clothes that frequently. Yet most of us just throw our soiled garments into the machine and think nothing of it. Not even because they’re that soiled: And they don’t even need to be siled – rather, they just don’t feel as “fresh”. The smells of the day hang in the fibres and sitting in the office for long periods of time has left wrinkles. Which naturally means you’d rather not wear them again.

It is exactly for this reason that steam cleaners exist.

With the LG Styler, your clothes are fresh within 20 minutes. Thanks to its innovative steam technology, allergens and bacteria are practically wiped out – without using chemicals. Water vapour penetrates the clothing deeply, removing both odours and wrinkles in a natural manner. What’s also handy is the integrated ironing press, which effortlessly evens the creases in your clothing.

Crease & chemical free: fast, safe ironing with smart tech

Even ironing is getting smart. Source: Philips / YouTube

Smart home devices have even turned ironing into less of a chore. The Phillips PerfectCare Elite steam ironing station is one such example: with an intelligent automatic steam function, burn marks are simply a thing of the past.

Using the ultra-light handpiece, glide it over your textiles. A special motion sensor registers when you move the iron. Depending on your motions, the optimum amount of steam is released. Forget about temperature wheels: OptimalTEMP tech ensures that all types of material can be quickly and safely ironed at just one setting.

(Magical) lighting control: Smart motion detectors make it possible

Smart home devices - Gira Motion detector in dim light

Carrying a massive stack of laundry doesn’t leave you with many options. How will you turn on the light? This isn’t an issue in your Smart Home: thanks to Gira’s motion sensor, the lights flicker on the moment you enter the room. They flicker off again when you leave. It’s practical and cost-efficient. Even when we’re not burdened by a mountain of sheets, turning off the light is something we all too easily forget. This is particularly true in rooms that we don’t use often.

Smart Home devices can relieve you of a lot of work and help keep your household running effortlessly and comfortably. This leaves more time to devote to the really important and beautiful things in life. We find: There can hardly be a greater incentive to invest in smart technology.

Which of our smart household appliances would make your everyday life much easier? Share your favourite in the comments.

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