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From app to voice command: Here are 7 ways to control your Smart Home

Regardless of whether you are renting an old building or planning a new home of your own: Smart Home can make everyday life within your four walls much easier. Via app, voice command, smart switches or touchscreen control panels, the control of your home technology is entirely in your hands, even when you are away.

1. Smart Home control for your new build project

If you are currently planning a new build, now is the perfect time to look into the topic of smart home control and the KNX standard. Because once your new home is digitally networked, you have numerous smart options at your disposal. The new Gira pushbutton sensor 4, for example, offers maximum control over your KNX system.

Depending on the version, you can save up to eight individual functions on the right and left of this push button and call them up at the touch of a button, for example for controlling the lighting, music system, blinds and heating. The strong material overlay ensures the best possible tactile feel.

Thanks to the minimalist design, the smart pushbutton switch fits seamlessly into all living styles and becomes an eye-catcher on the wall. A more affordable variant is the new Gira KNX button. You can assign up to four individual control commands to the buttons at the top and bottom. Thanks to uniform dimensions, the push button is compatible with all inserts from the Gira System 55 and can be matched to your furnishings with the wide range of switch frames from Gira.

Gira pushbutton sensor 4

2. Smart Home control via an app: full control even on the move

Do you occasionally forget to switch off the lights when you leave the house or wish to set the desired temperature before you are even home? You can simply check or set your home controls on the go via an app on your smartphone or tablet and access the home automation remotely. The option of remote control is also practical because you can react at short notice to unexpected situations such as a sudden storm.

For the KNX-based smart home system, the Gira X1 app or Gira HomeServer app enables mobile remote access. If desired, your home can also inform you via text message or voice message if, for example, the security system sounds an alarm.

For protected remote access during mobile smart home control via app, the Gira S1 remote access module encrypts the communication and thus ensures maximum security during data transmission.

man with smartphone in smart home

3. Wireless solutions for easy retrofitting

Smart solutions are not only suitable for new buildings. You can also retrofit intelligent solutions for Smart Home control in old buildings - without laying new cables. eNet SMART HOME is a wireless Smart Home system that you can control in a variety of ways. You can use pushbutton switches, remote controls and the eNet SMART HOME app.

You can retrofit the Gira eNet wireless push buttons in no time at all by replacing existing switches and dimmers with the Gira eNet Wireless Operating Top Unit. A brief touch of the push button is all it takes to switch the light on or off; longer touches dim the lighting continuously. In addition to the double version, a variant with a single rocker will also simplify manual operation from February 2021.

Gira G1 control unit

4. Smart Home control via a touch interface

Just like a mobile phone: You can conveniently control lights and blinds in the Gira System 3000 with the new touch attachment. The touch-sensitive surface of the smart switch enables precise fine control in addition to classic switching on and off.

With a swipe of your finger up or down, you can dim the light or determine the exact positioning of the blinds. You can simply place the Gira System 3000 Touch Top Unit on existing inserts and thus also retrofit it in existing buildings without new cables.

5. Power-saving wireless switch for flexible Smart Home control

The Nuimo Click wireless switch, developed by the Berlin-based start-up Senic with support from Gira, provides another simple introduction to wireless smart home control. In conjunction with the associated WLAN hub, you can control smart devices such as Sonos multi-room speakers and Philips Hue lights without batteries or power.

The wireless remote control generates enough energy each time a button is pressed to send the radio command to the devices. With a self-adhesive bracket, Nuimo Click can be freely positioned on any wall and on almost any surface. You can configure up to ten Nuimo Clicks for the Sonos speakers and Hue lights via the Senic Smart Home app on your smartphone.

Gira E2 design classic Nuimo Click

6. Compact control centre for the Smart Home

The permanently installed Gira G1 control centre offers another alternative for Smart Home control. You can call up the desired function and individually defined sequences at the touch of a finger on the sensitive multi-touch surface or with simple gestures such as touching, scrolling and swiping.

You can also programme timers for presence simulation for increased security at home, for example, blinds go down and lights switch on every evening after dark. You have an overview of all functions via the clear Gira G1 start screen and can adjust the settings of the networked home technology according to your wishes at any time.

7. Voice-controlled Smart Home

Your mobile device is just out of reach and you don't want to get up from the sofa? Then simply direct your networked home by voice command. In combination with the compact Gira X1 Mini Server, you can control your KNX Smart Home via the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The same is true for eNet server that allows you to control the home technology by voice command via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Whether via smart switches, control centres, by app or voice command: Modern Smart Home control offers maximum flexibility and gives you all the freedom in everyday life to enjoy the benefits of Smart Home at any time.

ifttt smart home

How do you prefer to control your Smart Home? Share your Smart Home control experiences with us.

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