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Smart Home control: From apps to voice – seven ways to make your Smart Home work for you

Regardless of whether you rent an apartment or are planning to build your own ultra-modern new home, installing Smart Home technology can help to make your day-to-day life significantly easier. And flexible Smart Home control is a huge part of the Smart Home setup: Because it enables you to control any aspect of your Smart Home via an app, voice command, switch or touch screen control unit, whether you’re at home or on the road.

1. Smart Home control for your new-build project

If you’re currently planning a new build, then now is the perfect time to start thinking about Smart Home control and to find out more about the KNX standard.

Once your new home is digitally connected, you’ll have access to abundant smart features.

The Gira pushbutton sensor 3 for the KNX system, for example, can be programmed to combine multiple smart device functions. A single pushbutton switch can store up to eight individually defined sequences, enabling you to switch off all of your main appliances with the touch of a single button when you leave the house – and even to switch on your alarm system too. Sounds handy, right? But it gets even better.

Smart Home control with a intelligent switch.

2. Central home control via touch screen control panel

The Gira Control 9 and its larger counterpart, the Gira Control 19 central control units offer an even wider range of functions and provide a full overview of all of the Smart Home technology in your home. Covering everything from lighting and audio systems to ventilation and climate control as well as security and blinds, the user-friendly operating surface and menu interface on the touch screen make it easy to control your Smart Home and configure your devices with just a few taps.

For even faster access, you can save functions you use frequently as favourites on your home screen.

Both the Gira Control 9 and the Gira Control 19 allow you to call up analyses of device usage and the energy consumption of your technology. With integrated speakers and microphones, both operating devices can be used as a door communication system or as the receiver station for a security camera. However, to benefit from all of these functions, your home will need to be kitted out with the right KNX cables – either when it was built or as part of a renovation project.

Smart Home control via touch-display.

3. Smart Home control via app: Stay in control even when you’re not at home

At some point or another, we’ve all forgotten to switch off the lights when leaving the house. If you’re not sure whether or not you did, you can use an app on your smartphone or tablet to check – and to switch off the lights remotely.

You can also use the system to react to any unexpected events such as a sudden storm. For KNX-based Smart Home systems, the Gira X1 app and Gira HomeServer app provide mobile access to all of your technology. If you wish, your Smart Home can also send you a text or voice message to notify you of events like your security alarm being triggered.

Smart Home control relaxed on your couch.

4. Voice control: Your home obeys your commands

If your smartphone is just out of reach and you don’t want to relinquish your comfy spot on the sofa, then why not use your voice to give commands to your Smart Home via Amazon Alexa? In combination with the remote access module Gira S1 and the compact Gira X1 mini server, your Smart Home now hangs on your every word.

And there’s no need to worry about security: The Gira S1 provides fully secure remote access to your devices. When controlling your Smart Home via the app, the module encrypts your communication for maximum security during data transfer.

Smart home control with your voice.

5. Flexible retrofitted Smart Home control

You don’t have to live in a brand-new home to benefit from smart solutions: Even in older buildings, intelligent solutions for Smart Home control can be retrofitted without laying any new cables. Gira eNet SMART HOME is a wireless Smart Home system.

The system offers a wide range of control options, including self-adhesive pushbutton switches, remote controls and the eNet SMART HOME app.

Smart home control via wireless technology.

6. Energy-saving wireless switch for flexible retrofitting

Another easy way to start reaping the benefits of wireless Smart Home control is the Nuimo Click wireless switch, developed by Berlin-based start-up Senic in partnership with Gira. Deployed in conjunction with the compatible WLAN hub, you can use this switch to control smart devices such as Sonos multi-room speakers and Philips Hue lights without batteries or mains power.

Each time it is pressed, the wireless switch generates sufficient energy to transmit a wireless command to the devices. The Nuimo Click comes with a self-adhesive bracket so that it can be installed on any wall and on virtually any surface. The Senic Smart Home app on your smartphone enables you to configure up to ten Nuimo Click devices for Sonos speakers and Hue lighting.

Smart Home control with senic switch.

7. Compact central control unit for wireless and KNX Smart Homes

The Gira G1 fixed control unit provides yet another Smart Home control option. By tapping the sensitive multi-touch surface or using simple fingertip gestures such as placing your hand on the screen, scrolling and swiping, you can call up any Smart Home function and individually configured sequences.

You can also programme timers for presence simulation. The clear start screen of the Gira G1 provides a user-friendly overview of all of the functions of your Smart Home, enabling you to adjust the settings for any connected technology at any time.

Smart Home control with Gira G1 is possible in a knx ore wireless smart home.

Whether you opt for smart switches, central control units, apps or voice control, modern Smart Home control delivers maximum flexibility

and gives you the freedom you need to enjoy all the benefits of your Smart Home from any location.

What’s your favourite way to control your Smart Home? Share your Smart Home control experiences with us.

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