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Smart Home benefits: Five reasons to invest in the latest technology

The Smart Home concept is much more than just a fad or passing trend: It's the future. Just under two thirds of UK citizens have spent money on smart technology in the past 12 months; the average spend is expected to increase by 30%. Our overview of the advantages the technology proves that you don't have to wait to reap the rewards of your investment - you can start enjoying all of these Smart Home benefits today.

1. Comfort and convenience tailored to you: Making your day-to-day life easier

Imagine waking up to find that your bathroom has been heated to exactly the right temperature and that your blinds have been raised at the set time. And imagine hosting guests in the evening and being able to set the mood with custom lighting, background music and the perfect room climate at the touch of a button.

In the Smart Home, this level of custom convenience and comfort is something you’ll benefit from every day. Intelligent networking and automation with KNX technology enables you to easily adjust complex functions to suit your daily routine – your needs take centre stage, while the technology works for you in the background. But Smart Home comfort is about much more than simply enhancing your quality of life; it’s also about maximum control flexibility. Central controls such as the Gira Control 19 interface and Gira pushbutton sensors place all your Smart Home functions at your fingertips and enable you to activate pre-configured room scenes – such as dimmed lighting for a night relaxing in front of the latest box set. Even when you’re not at home, you can use the Gira app on your smartphone or tablet to access your Smart Home functions, for example to turn out a light that you’ve accidentally left on.

Smart Home control via touch-display.

2. All the data you need at your fingertips: Keeping your home secure

The remote access options for your Smart Home technology are designed not only for convenience, but also as reassurance that your home is safe and secure. The app on your smartphone keeps you up to date with what’s going on in your Smart Home, and sends push notifications if networked safety devices and sensors detect any unusual activity.

At home, too, the technology helps to protect your property from damage. Gas and smoke alarm devices alert you of issues immediately on detection, the window panes report glass breakages and moisture sensors will let you know of any broken pipes or potential risk areas for mould formation.

Your Smart Home can also be equipped with intelligent functions to stop intruders in their tracks. HD and infrared cameras start to record as soon as activity is detected and can stream live images to your mobile device on request. The latest door communication systems and solutions for keyless access control, such as Gira Keyless In Fingerprint, enhance day-to-day security at your property. And if your home is unoccupied because you’ve all gone away on a family holiday, the technology can use automated scenarios to simulate your usual habits and patterns, making your home a less attractive target to opportunistic criminals.

3. Home automation for efficient energy management

Thanks to its flexible remote control and automation features, your Smart Home can also help you reduce your heating, electricity and water costs and boost your property’s energy efficiency. Intelligent thermostats turn off your radiators when you open a window; when you leave the house, certain electrical appliances automatically switch to energy-saving mode or are switched off completely.

Temperature sensors, CO2 sensors and smart weather stations work together to create the perfect room climate and enable you to manage your energy supply efficiently and economically. By connecting smart meters and local energy generation systems, such as a photovoltaic system or heat pump, you can keep an eye on all of your home’s consumption and energy data and easily identify any appliances in your home that are consuming an excessive amount of power.

4. Smart Home benefits in old age: Overcoming barriers to independent living

Having a house that “thinks” for you is key to helping people to live independently in their own homes into retirement and beyond. Automated functions reduce the need for you to think about repetitive, everyday actions and help you stay safer at home. Presence and motion sensors, for example, can switch on the lights when they detect movement to reduce the risk of trips and falls.

If your needs change over the years, your Smart Home technology can be adjusted to suit your requirements. For example, if your vision deteriorates, you can use Amazon Alexa to activate certain scenarios and functions by voice, removing the need to look at the control unit. The Smart Home is equipped to meet the needs of any generation and residents with limited physical capacity, providing tailored comfort and convenience to make your life easier.

5. Intelligently adding value: Future-proof your home

By adding Smart Home benefits to your property, you are making a sound capital investment for your future. Comfort and convenience, energy efficiency and the latest security systems will all add value to your property. Holistic solutions that are compatible with the next generation of products and manufacturers and prepared for all future eventualities are key to long-term value retention.

KNX – the globally recognised standard in wired building installations – is easy to expand, providing the highest possible levels of flexibility and certainty for the future. There are also consistent standards in place for wireless installations, ensuring that your investment in smart technology retains its value in the long term. With Gira eNet SMART HOME, you can add a future-proof wireless system for intelligent control and home automation to your property without any invasive building work.

Regardless of whether you live in a new build or a period property, or whether you rent or own your home:

Modern technology is increasingly becoming the standard and will soon play an important role in all of our lives.

How does your home assist you in your day-to-day life? Tell us which Smart Home benefits make you want to invest in intelligent technology.

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