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Green & smart: Innovative garden gadgets

To warm, too bright, too dry... some plants can be fussy and need just the right kind of care to thrive. But even if you’ve not been blessed with green fingers, there are some great garden gadgets that will help you create your own idyllic natural paradise. With an army of hard-working mini gardening assistants keeping an eye on your plants, you’re all set for success.

Edyn Garden Sensor: Systematic plant care

Edyn Sensor System solar panels are designed to be stuck into the soil in a flowerpot or flower bed. The system then sends a range of measured values to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The Android and iOS app enables you to check the moisture levels and temperature of the soil, its electrical conductivity and the light intensity. And if you’re wondering what action should be next on your garden to-do list, you can consult Edyn’s comprehensive database: A treasure trove of information on the temperature, irrigation and fertilisation and sunlight exposure needs of all your plants, complete with care tips and information on all kinds of plant and crop species. Used in conjunction with the Edyn sprinkler system, this garden gadget can even water your plants for you.

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Smart garden gadget: Lawnmower by Bosch

Mowing the lawn is a real chore, don’t you think? With the Indego lawnmower from Bosch, you can cross this task off your to-do list once and for all. This garden gadget boasts an intelligent navigation system and manoeuvres around obstacles to mow your lawn fully automatically.

The Indego 350 Connect and Indego 400 Connect models can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and controlled via iOS or Android apps from the comfort of your deckchair.

Armed with data on the size and layout of your garden, the lawnmower not only calculates the most efficient route, but also works out the perfect mowing cycle. Once it has completed its task, the battery-powered Indego automatically locks its mowing mechanism and returns to the charging base station.

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Robotic Lawnmowers are a good robotic lawnmowers.
Garden Gadgets used by smartphone.
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SmartTerra: A micro plant paradise

If you’re short on space, why not create a miniature green oasis on your patio or balcony? SmartTerra is not only a plant terrarium, but an intelligent micro-cosmos with its very own ecosystem. The glass terrarium simulates day and night, sunrise and sunset, the sounds of nature, rain showers and even storms. The environment can be used to cultivate tropical plants that would not normally do well in our part of the world.

Moisture and temperature sensors work in conjunction with the LED, audio and irrigation system to enable even the most demanding plant species to thrive. Light and sound scenarios can be configured with the SmartTerra app, and you can stream music to the terrarium from your smartphone via the integrated speakers. The garden gadget has attracted a lot of interest on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter and will be delivered to early bird supporters from January 2019 onwards.

Quelle: Dan Cordero / Vimeo

SensoTimer ST 6: Self-service flower beds

The most common way to automate your garden irrigation system is to use programmed timers – which are a simple solution, but not always the most useful. Even if your flower beds are saturated with water from a heavy rain shower, for example, the system will still water your plants at the programmed time, turning your flower beds into a mud bath.

The SensoTimer ST 6 from Kärcher is designed to water “smartly”, making choices to help save water and protect your plants. Two sensors continually measure the moisture levels in the soil and send their data to the battery-powered garden gadget. The system only springs into action at the next programmed irrigation time if a set moisture level is not met, releasing the required volume of water via two independent outlets.

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Perfect timing with the iGrill: The garden gadget for barbecue fans

Your gardening is done and your plants are thriving – now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour! With the iGrill from Weber, you can enjoy your garden even when you’re cooking up a storm on the barbecue: This device lets you keep an eye on the grill from your smartphone.

The smart thermometer can be connected to up to four stainless steel probes to measure the temperature of your meat and vegetables and send the data to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Using the Weber app from the Android and iOS stores, you can keep an eye on how your steaks are cooking and keep track of how long your jacket potatoes, vegetable kebabs or halloumi have been on the grill.

Quelle: Weber Grills / YouTube

Smartphones are replacing spades and wireless is replacing watering cans – and the latest technological advances make it easy to reap the benefits of a smart garden, enabling you to get more out of your time in the great outdoors.

So grab a drink, hop into that hammock and enjoy the sun!

Which garden gadgets do you rely on in your garden? Let us know which smart tools you couldn’t be without!

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