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Taking the Smart Home outdoors: Intelligent technology for the garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you don’t have to travel far to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors. But did you know that while you sit back and relax in your own little piece of nature, you can still enjoy the many conveniences that you’re used to in your Smart Home? With comfortable garden furniture and fully equipped outdoor kitchens kitted out with smart technology, the full Smart Home experience is increasingly making its way into our gardens – giving you more time to enjoy the things that your garden was made for.

An intelligent garden assistant

There are, of course, countless garden gadgets like robotic lawnmowers and plant sensors that are designed to make your life easier in the garden.

But if you have a powerful KNX system working away in the background, you can control many Smart Home garden functions either partially or fully automatically. The system can, for example, efficiently water your lawn and flower beds: Using the latest weather forecast as a guide, the Gira HomeServer – the on-board computer for your Smart Home – decides when to start the irrigation system or when to hold off in anticipation of an impending shower. The KNX system sources the data it needs either from the internet or a weather station in your garden.

Create your own smart garden with Gira technology.

Keep an eye on the forecast with the Gira KNX Weather Station Plus

The Gira KNX Weather Station Plus is capable not only of automating your garden irrigation systems, but also a range of other processes in and around your Smart Home. In strong sunlight and at dusk, it can lower the blinds to provide privacy and protection against heat. If a storm is on the way, the system automatically lowers the shutters and retracts awnings into a safe position. To perform its intelligent decision-making processes, the Gira Weather Station Plus records nine meteorological parameters and actuates the KNX components that perform the relevant functions based on the data.

While you relax in your hammock, you can use the Gira HomeServer app to keep an eye on everything and manually configure your Smart Home functions if necessary.

Taking the Smart Home outdoors: Illuminating the way

If you wish, the weather station can switch on the external lighting in your garden at dusk to illuminate the path to your front door.

Motion detectors are another convenient way to light up your Smart Home garden as needed. When the sunlight starts to fade, Gira’s outdoor solutions detect any movement in their field of vision and switch on the light as required – which saves energy and also helps to scare off any unwanted visitors.

Motion detectors automatically boost security

The Gira Sentinel 70 was designed specifically for small and angled plots. Thanks to its 70-degree detection range, this sensor is not affected by activity on neighbouring properties. When not registering any more movement, it automatically switches the light off again. It is available in pure white and anthracite design variants.

smart garden with motion sensors.

Robust outdoor power sockets for all your smart technology

Even with all the latest remote control and automation technology, manual control switches remain an essential component of your garden tech set-up – and the same is true of sockets, which provide a safe supply of electricity to your garden gadgets. The Gira TX_44 design line is much more than just a weather-resistant and waterproof outdoor socket.

The standardised square shape is compatible with inserts from the modular Gira System 55, enabling you to integrate many of the functions you enjoy inside your Smart Home. In addition to automatic switches and touch sensors, you can also integrate KNX components for data and communication technology to take your telephone, music system and television outside.

The outdoor power socket TX_44 is a must have for a smart garden.

Outdoor communication: Find out who’s at the gate – wherever you are

The video and audio inserts from the Gira door communication system are also compatible with the TX_44 outdoor design line. The minimalist stainless steel design of the Gira System 106 will make a great first impression at your garden gate or in your entrance area. As the perfect counterpart to the Gira internal door stations, the modular door intercom system that greets your guests is made from shatter-proof, weather-resistant materials, making it ideal for outdoor use.

The modular principle enables you to expand the basic unit – comprised of a speaker, microphone and call button – with additional modules such as a colour camera. Via the DCS IP gateway, you can use the DCS mobile app to access the camera and speak to your visitors from your smartphone – and open the door with the touch of a button, wherever you are.

Gira System 106 in a smart garden.

Taking your Smart Home outdoors is convenient, efficient and safe, enabling you to benefit from Smart Home technology even when you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

With outdoor solutions from Gira, you don’t have to miss out on the modern technology you’re used to when you’re making the most of the sun.

Have you expanded your Smart Home into your outdoor space? Tell us about the technology you use to make your life easier in the garden.

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