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Smart fridges: Intelligent cooling technology

Smart fridges are packed with features designed to make your day-to-day life just that little bit easier. Some models come with cameras so that you can take a peek inside your fridge while you’re out shopping, enabling you to avoid duplicate purchases. Some smart fridges play music or a film to entertain you while you’re cooking, some let you know when you’ve left the door open, and others automatically illuminate the cooling compartments. When it comes to smart fridge features, the seemingly limitless options may be overwhelming – but this list of our favourite models might help you narrow down your choices.

Bosch KGN36HI32: The smart shopping assistant

The combined KGN36HI32 fridge freezer from Bosch has two cameras in the cooling zone. Each time you close the fridge door, the cameras photograph the contents. Via the Home Connect app, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone, the fridge can send the photograph to your mobile phone.

You can then use the image to check what’s in your fridge and what you actually need to buy while you’re out shopping.

The model is also equipped with NoFrost technology and sensors that let you know if the fridge door has been left open. The smart fridge sends a message to the app to remind you to close the door. The integrated MultiAirflow system keeps your food fresher for longer by ensuring that the air flow in the fridge and freezer sections is evenly distributed, minimising temperature fluctuation and reducing cooling times. Alongside the KGN36HI32, the Bosch range includes a number of other fridge-freezers that are compatible with the Home Connect app. Bosch has showcased a number of its smart fridges at technology events, including CES in Las Vegas.

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Samsung Family Hub: The smart entertainer

The “Family Hub” from Samsung is not a single product, but an entire family of connected devices. The range includes five smart fridges, which have different features and varying cooling and freezing compartment dimensions.

Like the Bosch KGN36HI32, food cams in the Family Hub smart fridges take photos of the food inside, which you can access via the Smart Connect app on your mobile device while you’re in the supermarket. But the Family Hub is more than just a smart fridge – it also serves as a personal information and entertainment point for the entire family.

All of the smart fridges in the range have an integrated touch screen that works like a tablet.

Most of the fridges in the line are also equipped with a “Phone & TV Mirroring” function, which enables you to stream the display of compatible televisions or smartphones on the fridge touch screen, so that you can enjoy multimedia content while you cook.

The integrated touch screen can also be used to display and update your family calendar. You can even install apps on the tablet – why not download a recipe app to display on the fridge and inspire you in the kitchen? And to help you manage your stocks, the integrated Food Reminder function lets you know when the food in your fridge is approaching its best-before date.

Smart fridges are using with apps.
Some smart fridges has apps installed.
Smart fridges are a modern trends in kitchen.

LG LSR100: Smart luxury

The LG LSR100 is part of the Signature product range by electronics manufacturer LG. The premium appliance line promises “performance without compromise” and “breath-taking beauty”. The LG LSR100 smart fridge is one of the most expensive models in our line-up.

One of the unique technical features of the LG appliance is the InstaView Door-in-Door™ technology. Users can knock twice on the innovative and attractive glass door to illuminate the fridge interior, enabling you to see what’s inside without opening the door.

But that’s not the only special feature of the LSR100. When the Auto Open Door function is activated, the fridge door slowly opens when you stand in front of it. The Auto Open Drawer function works in the same way, extending the drawers in the freezer as soon as you open the freezer doors.

Other high-tech features include FRESHShield™, a cold air barrier between the door and the food inside the fridge, and the generously proportioned Custom Chill™ compartment, with individual temperature adjustment. A touch display and Smart ThinQ™ technology connect the smart fridge to the LG Smart ThinQ fridge app, which allows you to check and adjust the temperature of the cooling and freezing zones – but doesn’t provide any information on the contents of the fridge.

LG GSX961NEAZ: The cost-effective LG smart fridge

If the LG LSR100 is a little out of your price range, fear not: The GSX961NEAZ by LG might be the perfect alternative. This fridge also boasts InstaView Door-in-Door™ technology and can be controlled from your smartphone via Smart ThinQ™. The integrated FRESHBalancer™ feature helps to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

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Liebherr BP 2850 Premium BioFresh: Keeps food fresher and saves energy

As its name suggests, this Liebherr appliance is kitted out with BioFresh technology, which ensures that the fridge maintains the optimum temperature and moisture levels for various types of food – so your meat, fish, milk, fruit and vegetables all stay fresher for longer. The integrated PowerCooling function quickly cools food when it’s placed in the smart fridge and keeps the air inside clean.

And with an energy efficiency rating of A+++, the Premium BioFresh is the most energy efficient of all of the models in our round-up.

The Liebherr Premium BioFresh can also be equipped with an optional SmartDeviceBox, enabling you to control the appliance from your computer or smartphone. The accessory allows you to change the temperature and set up notifications if the fridge door has been left open. You can find out more about the functions of the SmartDeviceBox in this video.

Quelle: Liebherr Hausgeräte / YouTube

Smart fridges: A comparison

Whatever your style, needs or budget, there’s sure to be a smart fridge to suit you: The cameras in the Bosch KGN36HI32 and the Samsung Family Hub range will help you manage your shopping more efficiently, and the Samsung models will provide entertainment while you’re cooking up your family’s next meal.

If you like a touch more luxury in your kitchen, the LSR100 from LG is your best bet – and if energy efficiency is important to you, you can’t go wrong with the Liebherr BP 2850.

All of the smart fridges in our round-up are designed to make your everyday life easier. Want to add even more technology to your kitchen? Then take a look at our list of the best kitchen gadgets.

Which of our top smart fridges is your favourite?

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