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Smart entry hall: safe, stylish, and multifunctional

The front door is your home’s calling card. It’s the first thing your visitors see, so naturally you want it to look good. Looks are of course not the only concern, either. By installing smart solutions for your entry hall, you can ensure a high level of security and comfort for all who live there.

How exactly does this look in practice, though? Take a look and find out.

Arrive in comfort: A smart entry hall that greets you

You’re finally home after a long day at work. Even from a distance, you can see the soft welcoming glow of the hall light. It’s no accident that the light is still on. You didn’t forget to switch them off that morning.

Instead, your Philips Hue smart lighting system, which supports Geofencing, already sensed you were on the way home.

How exactly does this work? Well, the moment you cross an imaginary line – for example, your front gate – your Philips Hue lamps receive a signal from your smart home. Instantly, they create an inviting light scenario right in your entrance area. They instantly create an inviting light scenario right in your entrance area. Before you’re even in the house. The moment you arrive, you’re welcomed by warm light.

Modern design & automatic control, all thanks to presence detectors

Gira motion detectors offer automated, intelligent lighting control. What’s more, you can mount them inconspicuously under the ceiling. With a 360° angle of detection, they pick up on anyone or anything. You can even hook it up to a KNX system, if your home has one. This means it can be used to control heating, blinds, the music system and other components. By entering your hallway, you can get the motion detector to activate sophisticated scenarios that you’ve pre-programmed yourself.


This can, of course, work the other way around. When you leave, all devices are switched off immediately once the motion detector registers your absence.

The new Gira motion detector Cube is also another development of Gira KNX motion detectors. This means greater outdoor security. With an ability to detect brightness levels, it also picks up on thermal motion. Passing people, animals and cars are all within its range. However, it also means that the Cube isn’t activated by tree movements or gusts of wind. In other words, it only activates when necessary.

Gira motion sensor Cube
woman in shadows

Who’s at the door? Modern door communication for your smart entrance

You’re in the hall. The doorbell rings. Taking a quick glance at the screen of your Gira home station video AP7, you realise it’s later than you thought. Your friend’s waiting outside, ready to pick you up for a walk. With the hands-free function, you let them know you’re on your way out. Maybe you even open the door for them by tapping the home station with your finger. Perhaps you’re not even home yet. No matter, you can still communicate with them using the Gira DCS mobile app. Thanks to the app, you can operate your door intercom system even from afar.


Don’t forget about your door communication’s outdoor unit, either. The Gira System 106 has all necessary functions you’ll need (doorbell, camera, name plate and house number). What’s more, it’s stylish and can be adapted based on what you need. The modules are yours to choose from, and you’ve even got a choice of design. From October 2020, it will also be available in black matt and bronze, in addition to stainless steel. It can be retrofitted quite easily, much like the home station.

Door intercom system from Gira
Gira DCS mobile app on smartphone.
Gira System 106

Mirror, mirror on the wall: What’s the weather?

Everyone’s ready to go. The sun’s shining, but you’re thinking of taking an umbrella anyway (to be on the safe side). Your smart mirror knows what to do. It’s not just for checking your hair. It can also turn into a

digital screen that displays the weather, current traffic and your upcoming appointments. Anything and everything that could be important for you to know, before you leave the house. Ingenious, right?

Important information, at a glance. Source: YouTube / Embrace Smart Mirror

Weather forecasts, receiving visitors and taking care of your home security: A smart entry hall really goes beyond just a nice doormat and a shoe rack. It’s about ensuring ultimate living comfort for you and your family.


If you’re looking for more ideas to set up an intelligent home, you can browse through our our articles or what it takes to make a smart home. See how you can tailor your smart home to suit your needs.

What other smart solutions would enliven your entry hall? Let us know in the comments!

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