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The smart Cube House – timeless design with modern comfort

Compact, simple, yet playful – the Cube House near Darmstadt stands out in its neighbourhood not only because of its split-level structure.
Since 2012, a family of contractors, with a very specific vision for their dream house, has settled in the 5-story home. Both the Smart Homes’ style and functional design are straightforward.
The Cube House with its timeless architectural style. Source: Kristof Lemp

The Cube House with a little extra comfort

To accommodate the challenging expectations of the home owners, the architect Dirk Helwig involved the Smart Home expert Casaio in the planning process. With the implementation of modern technology, the clear design language of the split-level needed to be maintained. From the specialist electric planning and the programming of Gira’s KNX Systems, to the selection and integration of all technical components – the aesthetics remained the guiding principle every step of the way. For example, when installing the ceiling mirrors, elements such as smoke and motion detectors, speakers, and spots were all taken into account.

Functional design in every corner of the Cube House

To incorporate an “invisible” movie theatre in the living room, first a drywall construction was created to hide the speakers and screen, making use of coved lighting. In the adjacent office, the ports for the beamer were integrated, which projects the movie through a glass pane into the living room. This way, the technical elements do not distract from the streamlined aesthetics that define the home’s style. In other areas of the Cube House, modern technology sets unique accents. For example, RGB lighting is used to illuminate the steps of the stairs all the way to the top floor, and in the floors lighting strips are integrated which can be set to various colours.

Smart Home with all its perks

The KNX system in the Cube House – A Smart Home with all its perks

Of course, the Cube House is smart, and mostly thanks to its intelligent building technology. When on the road, the home owners can monitor and control their home via their mobile devices. When at home, this can be done with a few clicks on the programmed Gira HomeServer, which conveniently displays all information. Moreover, the building technology can be operated using Gira’s touch sensors installed in different rooms of the house.
The heat pump and ventilation system in the Cube House are also integrated in the intelligent KNX system. For a consistent style, the Gira E2 switch range in pure white was installed, which underlines the elegant interior design with its clean form.The Cube House makes for a remarkable Smart Home for the family of contractors, combining a timeless design language with modern comfort, to meet all their needs.

Did you get inspiration from the Cube House for your own building project? Share your ideas with us on how you would combine maximum comfort with minimalistic design.

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