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Smart and stylish gift ideas for Christmas: our top picks

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to let family, friends, or co-workers know how much we care about them. However, searching for the right present oftentimes requires a lot of time and energy.

Where do we find something that’s original yet practical, fancy yet not too extravagant? For those in need of inspiration this year, we’ve got six product innovations that will definitely leave a lasting impression.

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Christmas gift idea no. 1: Dyson Pure Cool

Anyone who spends a lot of time at home – especially for work – knows how much indoor air quality matters. Without proper ventilation, enclosed spaces can quickly lead to a lack of concentration, fatigue, and headaches. But who likes to leave windows wide open at freezing temperatures? Dyson offers a smart solution for this problem.

Multifunctional purifiers keep your indoor climate fresh and clean during the colder months: they combine carbon filters with HEPA glass-fibre filters to break down toxic formaldehyde, while also extracting gases and ultrafine particles from the air. Some product variants serve as a heater or humidifier at the same time. And of course, all purifiers can be controlled via app or voice command.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic™. A smart device to keep your indoor air fresh and clean. Source: YouTube / Dyson

Christmas gift idea no. 2: Smart Baton Light

A decorative luminaire mounted on the wall, a lamp on the bedside table, a portable flashlight for travelling: the Smart Baton Light can take many shapes and forms. It doesn’t require any cabling and is attached with the help of a magnetic connection – similar to Plug & Light featured by Gira.

The slim design, made from real wood and acrylic glass, makes for a chic highlight in stairwells or hallways. Another convenient feature of this original stocking filler: the lamp reacts to movement and ambient brightness, switching on the light only when necessary.

Smart Baton Light: a playful mix of real wood and acrylic glass. Source: YouTube / Gingko

Christmas gift idea no. 3: Friends of Hue

On or off, bright or dimmed, warm or cool: light control via app and voice command is oftentimes the first step into the world of smart technology. Lamps from the Philips Hue series make it particularly easy to integrate new solutions at home. The Friends of Hue Smart Switch, developed by Senic in collaboration with Gira, offers even more flexible control options.

You can connect up to 50 Philips Hue lamps to your home network and activate them with a simple tap. Individual settings for different rooms, single lamps, or several lamps at once can be configured via app. As part of the timeless Gira E2 design line, this Christmas present will fit in neatly with any interior style.

Person hand switch christmas lighting +

Gira E2

Minimalist design for any interior style: Gira E2 switches stand out with their simple, yet sophisticated aesthetics.

A light switch that needs no cables, or batteries, thanks to EnOcean technology, each click generates enough energy. Source: Senic

Christmas gift idea no. 4: Bottle+

Staying hydrated should always be a top priority, especially when you’re on the go. But buying new plastic bottles all the time will quickly put a strain on your wallet – not to mention the impact on our environment. So, how about a smart and sustainable alternative such as Bottle+?

This stocking filler turns still water into a sparkling beverage at the push of a button, thanks to an integrated gas container. You can thus enjoy a refreshing drink anytime and anywhere, all the while saving both money and plastic waste. Bottle+ is the perfect Secret Santa gift for everyone who travels regularly or loves outdoor activities.

The Bottle+ in white

Christmas gift idea no. 5: Ambienta Grow Lamp

Soft lighting and fresh greens can upgrade any interior space – from your home office to the kitchen and bathroom. With the Ambienta Grow Lamp, you’ll get both in one smart product. A special LED installation brightens up the room, while also cultivating your indoor garden.

Small plants and herbs growing beneath the lampshade are automatically watered via hydroponic technology. Using the integrated control panel, you can switch between two modes of lighting: ambient or directed toward the plants.

Ambienta Grow Lamp: modern technology that scores not only with design but also with sustainability. Source: YouTube / Sage Green Life

Christmas gift idea no. 6: Beosound Emerge

Not everyone has enough space for a complete audio system with huge loudspeakers. Luckily, that’s not necessary to create a full-blown sound experience. Beosound Emerge is a compact WiFi speaker with surprising capacities. Designed by a Danish company specialising in audio solutions, it plays music from the mobile device of your choice through a wireless connection. Its 180-degree sound fills the room even from hidden nooks and corners.

The smart speaker is a great Christmas present idea for tech-savvy family members, as it includes the option of voice control via the Google Assistant. Besound Emerge also stands out visually: variants in oak wood or anthracite serve as a decorative highlight to accentuate different interior styles.

Already got some ideas for Christmas gifts this year? No matter which smart items end up on your list, keep in mind that a present is not defined by material value. It’s about coming together and showing your loved ones how much they mean to you – on Christmas or any other occasion

What kind of smart gadgets would you like to gift (or be gifted)? Feel free to share your stocking stuffer ideas in the comments.

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