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Good night, good morning: how to make your bedroom smart

Did you know? We spend around one third of our life asleep – reason enough to make sure this time is well spent. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on herbal tea or meditation methods alone to improve your sleep hygiene: innovative devices can turn your bedroom into a smart wellness oasis where sweet dreams are guaranteed.

Smart base for the bedroom: slatted frame 2.0

If you’ve ever spent a night on an uncomfortable mattress, you probably still remember the painful aftermath. For your own bed, you should choose a high-quality frame that meets your personal needs perfectly.

The smart base from Belgian manufacturer Auping does exactly that: apart from ergonomic support and excellent ventilation, it also allows for maximum flexibility. Its foot, back, and head sections can be adjusted automatically via the Auping Connect app. This makes it easy to get cosy for any occasion – reading, sleeping, or maybe enjoying a late-night snack.

One of our favourite features: the anti-snoring function. As soon as the volume reaches a certain level, the back section will slightly move upwards. This helps to open up the airways and thus scale down the snoring. Alternatively, the smart bedroom gadget can also activate a soft jerk to trigger a sideward movement.

The Auping Smart base ensures a nice night and wakes you up at the very best moment with your favorite music. Quelle: YouTube / AupingNL

Smart silence: sleep buds to block out noises

It’s not only a snoring partner that might keep us awake. Neighbours laughing loudly, cars driving down the street, or dogs barking can become equally bothersome. Add to that the ruminating thoughts from a stressful day – and you’ve got the perfect recipe for another sleepless night.

If you are sensitive to noises, a smart bedroom device such as the Bose Sleepbuds II can do wonders: wireless inserts flexibly adapt their shape to fit your ear and thereby block out ambient noises. At the same time, the buds play soothing audio tracks to clear your head. You can thus fall asleep to the sound of ocean waves, soft rain showers, or a crackling fireplace.

Smart earbuds from Bose
Woman is sleeping while wearing smart earbuds

Smart morning: starting the day with Gira System 3000

Let’s be honest – who wants to be startled by a shrieking alarm? And who enjoys leaving their warm sheets behind, only to enter an ice-cold hallway? In a smart bedroom, your morning routine might look quite different. The Gira System 3000 allows you to control lights, blinds, and heating according to your individual preferences.

Setting up automated schedules, you can start the day off exactly how you like it. The blinds will go up at a specific time so that you’ll be gently woken by the first rays of sunshine. Likewise, the heating will turn on early enough to warm up your house before you get up. Using the Gira System 3000 Bluetooth app, you can change your settings anytime – even from your bed.

Gira System 3000 blind control +

Gira System 3000

Control your lighting, heating and blinds with Gira System 3000 – manually via switch or digitally via app.

Gira System 3000: the smart solution for automated blind control in the bedroom. Source: Gira

Smart light for the bedroom: waking up with the sun

Philips Hue offers another clever alternative to conventional alarm clocks: the Sleep and Wake-up Light simulates a natural sunrise at your desired time. Starting with warm red and orange hues, the colour will slowly change into a bright yellow. There’s also the option to add audio tunes to your routine, e.g. natural sounds or your favourite radio station. The smart bedroom gadget comes with a special app that monitors your sleeping habits and registers potentially disruptive factors in the immediate environment.

Best case scenario: once you open your eyes, you won’t even feel like you’ve been woken up. Sounds too good to be true? Studies have indeed shown that exposure to early morning sunshine improves our melatonin levels (i.e. the hormone regulating the body’s internal clock). This in turn will help you fall asleep earlier, sleep more soundly, and wake up relaxed and reenergised.

Woman is waking up by a simulated sunrise

Still dreaming of getting seven or eight hours of rest each night? With our smart bedroom ideas, this can finally become reality. Technology goes a long way in establishing a wholesome sleeping routine – from sunlight alarms to automated blind control.

Want to know more about the health benefits of living in a Smart Home? Then you should take a look at our article on indoor air quality.

Have you ever tried improving your sleep with smart lights or gadgets for the bedroom? Can you share any other tips and tricks? We look forward to your comments!

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