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This smart Bauhaus-style family home combines maximum energy efficiency and minimalist design


This smart Bauhaus-style family house consists of two trapezoidal construction elements, giving the impression of a floating upper floor. The house, located in an all-Bauhaus-neighbourhood, rounds its street up perfectly.

The public-personal balance

The house was designed by Nuremberg-based architects Biefang and Pemsel, who intentionally used as few materials as possible.


They dispensed with elements such as bars or handles, and went for glass, white surfaces and oak wherever they could. This brightens up the interior and lends the house an impression of lightness and calm. The floor-to-ceiling windows create an almost uninterrupted transition from outdoors to indoors, the staircase in the entry hall separates the public spaces from the personal ones. Even the sunscreen seamlessly integrates into the minimalist look, cleverly concealed as it is in the façade.

Insights into a family house


Smart technology for greater energy efficiency

To equip the future-proof and smart family home, the house’s technophile builders chose to interconnect and control the entire building technology with a KNX system. The system uses a high-performance Gira HomeServer to collate and evaluate all the data and transmit all the necessary commands. The occupants can conveniently operate all the smart home’s functions on an iPad or iPhone, whether they’re at home or on the move. Gira HomeServer’s user-friendly, intuitive Gira Interface lets them switch lights on and off, lower or raise the blinds and even control the heating. The individual functions are tailored to the occupants’ needs and programmed accordingly. Besides lights, blinds, heaters and the like, the building control system can also integrate other technology features such as door intercoms and audio systems, systems for the bathroom or kitchen areas and even entertainment systems.

Numerous functions such as the blinds retracting in heavy winds are fully automated. What’s more, all the home’s power sources can be deactivated at the push of a button when you leave, ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Harmonious design down to the light switches

Overall, the house is a linear, coherent construction that not only has an extraordinary design, but also offers an impressive variety of opportunities for smart energy saving. It was built with an emphasis on matching even the smallest technical elements. Accordingly, the Gira Esprit Glass white and Gira E2 pure white design lines perfectly fit the purist architecture.

Are you a fan of minimalist design with its straight lines and sharp corners? Or do you prefer a more traditional style of building?

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