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Smart bathroom light for the perfect mood

For most of us, the day starts and ends in the bathroom. Thus, it’s no surprise that the bathroom has become an increasingly more central element in the planning of new builds and renovations. Bathrooms have become more than just functional: the modern bathroom is a room for wellness, well-being and luxury. Playing a deciding role in this is smart bathroom light.

Smart bathroom light

Light is an important factor for people’s well-being. Important factors for the bathroom are lighting and the wireless operation of your lights. With modern and intelligent building technology, individualized moods can be underlined and reflected in the design.

Such intelligent lighting concepts can accommodate the needs of the inhabitants.

Generally, warm white light is suitable for the bathroom not only because it is a light we are used to, but because the soft colour contributes to inner peace. Light with a large portion of blue is energizing and helps to get you going in the morning. With accent lighting, you can create additional highlights: with dimmed lights, warm light sources, and indirect lighting, a bath in the evening becomes even more relaxing. From a starry sky to colourful led light strips in the flooring: there’s no limit to what can be done with smart bathroom light. Modern technology helps to realize a personal lighting vision.

Wireless lighting control for maximum comfort

The ZigBee®-based systems for smart light control are becoming increasingly popular for the Smart Home – and the bathroom is no exception. The interface of ZigBee® Light Link was especially developed for wireless data transfer and because it’s battery-powered, it can be easily installed anywhere. This way, you can operate all your lights conveniently via app or wireless sensor. Lights can be programmed to fit the time of day and mood thanks to the various options to switch, dim, and select various colours – from refreshing to dimmed relaxing light.

You can also centrally control single lights or groups of lights

Besides indirect lighting and exclusive bathroom armatures, the Gira socket outlets with subtle, integrated LED orientation light, create an accent in the bathroom. The sockets automatically turn on the light when darkness sets in and offer sufficient light for orientation in the dark. Motion detectors for the bathroom ensure additional safety and help to prevent tripping and slipping, as the light is automatically turned on when it detects a person’s movement and remains on with little to no movement.
Gira bathroom
Bathroom Lights KNX
Gira ZigBee for a smart livng room.

Lighting control with functional elegance

The Gira design lines connect high functionality with modern design. Available in various colours, matt or glossy, or in stainless steel, they make for a high-end finish in the bathroom. The attractive design and possibility to flush-mount the 3mm think switches, underscore the well-rounded design that perfectly matches your interior style. With only a few clicks, you can try the colour variations and combinations on offer with the Gira Design Configurator and find a fitting design that suits you.

Besides the design, the high quality and functionality sets Gira products apart. The extensive product portfolio can be networked using a KNX system and integrated into the management of your entire home.

Intelligent light control with KNX

A cable-based KNX system can also be used for intelligent light control in the bathroom. The Gira KNX system is a smart solution for the installation of building technology that opens up a new dimension of modern living. Fitting sensors, detectors, and displays help to operate all KNX devices over the bus system. Using the KNX system, lighting, blinds, heating, ventilation, and security technology can all be automated. The functions can be coupled with each other and individualized based on your specific needs and wishes. In this way, an intelligently networked bathroom can be seamlessly integrated into every Smart Home.

Do you have experience with smart bathroom light? We look forward to your comments.

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