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Smart bathroom fittings

The bathroom has long evolved from a pure functional room for bodily hygiene into a private wellness retreat. This is also why suppliers of modern bathroom fittings have started to combine functionality with design and offer smart solutions. These are not only exciting for tech-fans, but also help to save electricity and water.

Conscious water consumption with intelligent bathroom fittings

For hygienic purposes, public buildings are usually equipped with armatures using sensor technology. For private households, such fittings can be used to save water. An infrared-sensor can, for example, be built into the sink. In this way, the water starts to flow automatically when your hands come close to the tap.
When installing such a system, you can even individualise how long the water should flow and which temperature it should have. And, you can take resource efficiency to the next level with smart fittings powered by solar energy. The technology is integrated into timeless, elegantly designed fittings which turn the functional bathroom into a private spa. So, what at first glance looks like just another stylish tap, is actually an intelligent bathroom fitting. This is especially the case for the single-lever tap. These increasingly replace conventional armatures. Instead of moving the lever into two directions, it can now only move in one single direction. When in a center position, only cold water will come out, and not, as usual, a mix between hot and cold water.

More convenience for your bathroom

The single-lever fitting can be combined with an electronic water flow restrictor. This will reduce the amount of water that flows per minute and will stop the water flow when a predefined maximum limit is reached.

A smart shower at the push of a button

Modern bathrooms usually already have floor-leveled rain, waterfall, or horizontal showers. What is missing in most showers, however, is modern armatures to transform your shower into a spa-experience at the push of a button. It is even possible to create various shower scenarios using light and sound.


With fittings from the series “Smart Water” by Dornbracht a smart shower can be easily operated thanks to user-friendly symbols and LEDs. Behind all this lies very sophisticated technology. You can select your preferred water temperature and amount, and favourite jet setting, using a regulator. This regulator communicates your preferences to the connected fittings. So, for every taste and budget, there are smart bathroom solutions that will fulfil your personal needs, and at the same time, not neglect sustainability. Stylish interior design is complemented with smart technology, to reduce energy and water use. And, the integration of sensors, solar- and eco-elements are friendly for the environment and to your wallet.


What do you think of the new smart possibilities for the bathroom of tomorrow? Share your comments with us!

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