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Smart bathrooms: Clever technology to help you start your day the right way

If the moment your alarm goes off in the morning isn’t among your favourite parts of the day, you’re definitely not alone. But there are some things that make getting out of bed easier, such as knowing that your smart bathroom is primed and ready and waiting to welcome you. On average, we spend over two years of our lives in the bathroom – so it goes without saying that we should ensure this space is not only visually appealing, but also as comfortable as possible.

Hot or cold? Smart fittings know how you like your morning shower

For many people, the first thing they do in the morning is hop (or crawl) out of bed and into the shower. But while some people like to feel the strong flow of water massaging their shoulders, others prefer the soft rainfall effect of a rainforest shower.

And while some people swear by cold showers to get their circulation going, others like to spend a little longer relaxing under a warm shower before they start their day.

Thanks to smart technology, you no longer need to set your shower manually every single morning until you get it just right. Instead, you can call up your personal pre-programmed shower scenario with just a few taps. The Smart Water System by Dornbracht is also equipped with a warm-up and pause function to help you save water, while a digital overheating sensor protects you against scalding hot water.

Intelligent toilets – comfort and entertainment in your smart bathroom

It’s highly unlikely that anyone will invent a product that removes the need for us to pay regular visits to the toilet at any time soon. But if you think that smart technology has finally reached its limits with the humble WC, think again: Innovative designers are transforming toilets into veritable thrones of entertainment.

The Numi 2.0 by Kohler, for example, features built-in speakers that play music while the integrated lighting changes colour in time with the beat.

With all of these smart new gadgets, it’d be easy to forget what purpose a toilet actually serves. But the Numi 2.0 is also equipped with a whole host of practical features: In addition to a heated seat, the model has personalised washing and drying functions and is designed to minimise water consumption.

Innovatively different: The Numi 2.0 toilet. Source: CNBC / YouTube

Monitor your progress: Smart gadgets keep you on track

After your shower, you decide to check on your weight – after all, the mornings are when we are at our lightest and when our weight can be measured most accurately. The latest smart scales show your bodyweight broken down by different parameters such as body fat percentage and muscle and bone mass. The results are displayed in graph format, making them easier to understand and track. The digital analysis warns you of health risks such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disorders and provides personalised tips on diet and fitness.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall … Your smart bathroom mirror can be configured to tell you about the weather and traffic hold-ups on your route to work via its digital screen while you brush your teeth. Or you could use this valuable time to read the news, check your emails, or finish off the latest episode of your favourite series on Netflix. But that’s not all: Some smart mirrors even provide detailed skin analyses or style advice based on your skin type.
Smart mirror in a modern bathroom

Safety first: A bathroom can only be smart if it’s safe

Smart bathrooms are, of course, the ideal place to prepare yourself for the day ahead – but they’re also well-equipped for night-time use. With intelligent technology from Gira Sensotec, you’ll be able to find your way from the bed to the bathroom safely, even in the dark. A high-frequency sensor detects motion and automatically turns on low-level lighting. The dimmed light helps you find your way without forcing your eyes to adapt too quickly, eliminating the risk that you’ll be dazzled or shocked awake by sudden brightness.

Aside from night-time trips and falls, there are other risks lurking in the bathroom: Your hairdryer might fall into the bathtub, for example. RCD-protected socket outlets prevent electrical shocks and can save lives in these kinds of emergency scenarios: The system responds to the incident in a fraction of a second and switches off the power. The Gira RCD-protected socket outlet is compatible with more than 90 frames from the Gira range, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect design for your smart bathroom.

Start your day the smart way: With a smart bathroom, your morning routine becomes a whole lot easier – and a whole lot more efficient, too.

But smart technology is not confined to the bathroom: Keep an eye out for upcoming G-Pulse articles on Smart Home scenarios for the kitchen and bedroom.

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